Our solemn vows …

Every show must have a code. These are the solemn vows of the Co-Main Event Podcast, and they are nonnegotiable:

1. The CME will happen once a week, every week.

To date, the only exceptions to this rule have been granted for the births of children, poorly planned family trips and terrible technological disasters. More exceptions may be allowed in the future, and when they are Ben and Chad have no doubt the CME Universe will mock them terribly for it. They will deserve it.

2. The CME won’t interview fighters.

Or anyone else, for that matter. Your humble co-hosts admit there is some marginal utility in hearing Fighter X explain what he’s going to do to Fighter Y in their upcoming bout, but if that’s the kind of talk you’re looking for there are numerous podcasts in the MMA space that will gladly fulfill your needs. Most of them, actually. Just not this one.

3. This shit only gonna be an hour.

Give or take. You think you want more, but you really don’t. Besides, until the Georges St. Pierre money starts rolling in and motherfuckers are coming by every hour on the hour to pamper their shit out, one hour is about all these guys can muster.

4. The CME won’t be censored.

Ben and Chad understand you come here for unfettered discourse and pledge to never allow said discourse to become, uh, fettered. Many of you also seem to appreciate the swears (some of you to sort of a disturbing degree, but whatever). They’ll keep going with those, too.

5. The CME won’t do fight picks and won’t discuss rankings.

You know, within reason. This is not to say that during the course of their normal discussion about an upcoming fight Ben and/or Chad won’t tell you who they think is going to win. They probably will. What they won’t do, however, is regularly devote entire segments of the show to picking fights. Because, really, who cares? For the same reason, they will also spend as little time as possible on Top 10 rankings. Rankings are completely imaginary, entirely subjective and usually fairly poorly defined. In other words: not worth talking about. This goes double for pound-for-pound lists. To know how the CME feels about P4P lists, read the last couple sentences again, but imagine they are written in all caps.