Happy Birthday, America! (CME Delayed Until 7/5)

CME signIn celebration of America’s birthday (and because everyone has a family barbecue/lake trip/short rehab stint already scheduled) this week’s Co-Main Event Podcast will be delayed until Tuesday.

This gives everyone the chance to really get their jingoistic  grooves on Monday, drink too many cheap American lagers, blow some shit up and brave the most dangerous day of the year on America’s highways. Besides, it also gives Brock Lesnar 24 more hours to pull out of UFC 200 with some sort of lower intestinal disorder nobody has ever heard of before.

The podcast will return on Tuesday to continue its wall-to-wall UFC 200 coverage. On that day, the CME will drop at the normal time, at some point in the early evening as soon as it’s all done. We’d appreciate you not asking. Thanks in advance!