Episode 417: Anthony Smith didn’t find what he was looking for

Anthony Smith made a somewhat short turnaround after his high-publicized de-toothing by Glover Teixeira back in May, just to return Saturday night to get outpointed by Aleksandar Rakic. Chances are, Smith’s not going to be happy with that. Plus, are we seeing the end of the Brutal Bob Lawler Era? And Chad invents a time machine and sends Ben on a mission with an important message for 2010 Alistair Overeem.

Episode 416: Frankie can still Frankie

Frankie Edgar finally made his bantamweight debut on Saturday and … well … it looked a lot like what we’ve seen from him at every other weight, which is to say quite good, but also prone to producing fights that could go either way. Plus, Ryan Bader finds out why you don’t tempt the MMA Gods and–what’s this???–some actual UFC vs. Bellator beef?

Episode 402: On Alistair Overeem, lovable elder statesman

Alistair Overeem weathered an early storm to defeat Walt Harris by virtue of his wily, veteran guile on Saturday. We discuss that, plus look back at the UFC’s weird week in Jacksonville.

Episode 401: A command performance

When it finally arrived, UFC 249 weekend served-up a downright unwieldy number of storylines. From Jacare’s positive coronavirus test to “The Waiver” to Justin Gaethje’s surprise destruction of Tony Ferguson, we discourse.

Episode 393: Greetings from self-isolation

Both our families are self isolating this week, which causes a number of challenges for the CME podcast. Still, here we discuss Charles Oliveira’s win over Kevin Lee at UFC Brasilia, the UFC’s weird declaration it will carry on in the face of the coronavirus pandemic and what will ultimately befall UFC London?

Episode 366: Just Downright Onerous is What it Is

We talk about Colby Covington’s suffocating victory over Robbie Lawler and how important Covington’s odious schtick has been to getting him where he is today. Plus, Cris Cyborg’s “production team” undercuts our goodwill for her and the UFC heads to Uruguay.

Episode 339: You’re Looking at Me Askance Right Now

Ryan Bader becomes the Bellator champ champ with his quick and easy victory over Fedor Emelianenko in the heavyweight grand prix final. Did Scotty Cokes and Co. just hit a towering home run? Plus, what to look for at UFC on ESPN+ 2.

Behold! The CME’s New Cowboy Astronaut Cigarettes T-shirt

By now, you’ve probably heard the news that starting next week, the CME will roll out a brand new T-shirt design for sale over at the Cotton Bureau dot com. This time around, we’ll be spotlighting Cowboy Astronaut Cigarettes, the official smoke of World’s Leading Theatricalist, Sir Nigel Longstock, and a brand of tobacco product that is DEFINITELY not for kids.

The CME partnered with Portland, Oregon designer Johny Ashcroft (who designed another T-shirt you might already be familiar with) and artist Landon Armstrong to make this happen. They did a pretty kick ass job, if we do say so ourselves. Here, feast yours eyes:


Happy Birthday, America! (CME Delayed Until 7/5)

CME signIn celebration of America’s birthday (and because everyone has a family barbecue/lake trip/short rehab stint already scheduled) this week’s Co-Main Event Podcast will be delayed until Tuesday.

This gives everyone the chance to really get their jingoistic  grooves on Monday, drink too many cheap American lagers, blow some shit up and brave the most dangerous day of the year on America’s highways. Besides, it also gives Brock Lesnar 24 more hours to pull out of UFC 200 with some sort of lower intestinal disorder nobody has ever heard of before.

The podcast will return on Tuesday to continue its wall-to-wall UFC 200 coverage. On that day, the CME will drop at the normal time, at some point in the early evening as soon as it’s all done. We’d appreciate you not asking. Thanks in advance!

A Special Announcement from the CME and an Old Favorite

comainPod-ABy now, the cat is probably well out of the bag that there is no new CME this week, after Ben decided to go on vacation with his family to some mountain lake. Just picture him, swinging comfortably in his hammock sipping Jameson, not a care in the world as his bedraggled wife chases their two children around the cabin, trying to keep them from eating rat poison or tumbling down a set of stairs. Meanwhile, Old Man Fowlkes sways in the breeze, oblivious.

But look, Ben and Chad didn’t want to leave you high and dry this week with no CME-related entertainment at all. For that reason, they’ve planned a special announcement regarding NEXT week’s podcast, as well as a chance for you to revisit one of the more unique and popular single episodes in the show’s history.

What’s the announcement, you ask? Wouldn’t you like to know, you grubby little orphans. To find out, you’ll have to experience it in audio format …

Direct downloaders are asking for it right here.