Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 5 (6/19/12)

At least one host of the Co-Main Event Podcast thinks this Friday’s UFC on FX 4 card is like a bowl of cheese balls left on the bar at a Hell’s Kicthen tavern. The other suggests video of a tiger fighting a chimpanzee could outsell UFC 147 on pay-per-view. Which is which? Who said what? Does it really matter anymore? Listen to episode five to try to sort out all that, plus which UFC fighter is like the girl you call late at night when you feel like you need some company.

Also, listener mail, tips for a well-rounded fight fan and another installment of MasterTweet Theatre.

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Here’s that picture of Danny Downes’ cat playing Yahtzee that we promised you …

Have you ever seen anything more adorable in your whole fucking life? Nope, neither have we. Show Danny Downes some love at his Tumblr, ya’ll.

Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 4 (6/12/12)

Which pro MMA fighter emailed Ben and Chad a picture of his cat playing Yahtzee this week? You’ll have to listen to episode four of the Co-Main Event Podcast to find out. As if that wasn’t enough, your dudes break down the relative successes and failures of UFC on FX 3, offer up as-yet unverified hypotheses about the company’s never ending injury woes and discuss the politics of the UFC president putting Shogun Rua’s business in the street. Also, listener mail and MasterTweet Theatre!

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Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 3 (6/5/12)

Ben and Chad discuss the revelation of Frank Mir’s testosterone replacement therapy exemption, the chaotic state of the welterweight division and why nobody (even people allegedly getting paid for it) watched TUF 15.

(Ed. Note: Ben’s microphone was having intermittent issues, but it mostly subsides at the start of round one. Sorry for the trouble, peeps.)

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Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 2 (5/29/12)

Looking to avoid a sophomore slump, Ben and Chad examine what UFC 146 means for the careers of Junior dos Santos and Frank Mir, Jason “Mayhem” Miller’s Octagon collapse and whether anyone should care about the arrest of Arianny Celeste. Plus, a slew of new features to the podcast such as listener mail, MasterTweet Theatre and Just Sayin’ Stuff. Did your question make it to air? Guess you’ll have to listen to find out, now won’t you?

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Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 1 (5/23/12)

comain-web_SealIn the debut episode of the Co-Main Event Podcast, Ben and Chad talk up (or talk down?) the prospects of UFC 146, discuss Nick Diaz and Chael Sonnen making dueling appearances before the Nevada State Athletic Commission and take a look a Jon Jones’ image after the UFC light heavyweight champion smashed up his Bentley.

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About us …

cme poster final smallAbout the CME:

The Co-Main Event Podcast is an irreverent, unscripted discussion of the week’s top mixed martial arts news featuring ESPN.com’s Chad Dundas and Ben Fowlkes of USA Today/MMAJunkie.com. It happens every week, it’s about an hour long and it contains some adult themes. Listener discretion is advised.

Opinions expressed here are those of Ben and Chad and do not represent the opinions of their employers, colleagues, friends, families or anyone with any goddamn sense. They do this for fun, so don’t bother them with any of your weird hang-ups, man.

About Chad Dundas

Chad Dundas is a freelance mixed martial arts journalist and fiction writer whose MMA writing has been published by ESPN.com, the Sporting News, NBC Sports, MMA Fighting.com, CagePotato.com, Crave Online and UFC360 Magazine. He is very, very old and in a previous life, worked for newspapers, while earning a BA in journalism and MFA in creative writing from the University of Montana. While pursuing his graduate degree, he became acquainted with Ben Fowlkes, who on the night they met got hammered and assured him, “Hey, I do alright with the ladies, OK?” For some reason, they are still friends. Chad’s short fiction has appeared in the Beloit Fiction Review, the Sycamore Review, Sou’Wester and Camas. He lives in Missoula, Montana with his wife, daughter and cat. He’s been known to frequent taverns also occasionally frequented by Ben.

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Ben Fowlkes is a columnist and feature writer for USA Today and MMAjunkie.com. He has covered mixed martial arts professionally since 2006, and his sports writing has also appeared on MMAFighting.com, Sports Illustrated online, CBS Sports, and a bunch of other websites and magazines about fighting. You don’t really want him to list them all. He received his MFA in creative writing from the University of Montana, which is where he met Chad Dundas, and also where the two of them occasionally got drunk and punched each other in the face on the living room floors of classmates and colleagues. This behavior was not well received. His short fiction has appeared in Crab Creek Review, Pindeldyboz, Verbicide, and he supposedly has something forthcoming in Glimmer Train. He lives in Missoula, Montana with his wife, daughter, and dog. Sometimes he runs into Chad at a bar.

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