Month: July 2016

Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 215 (7/25/16)

comainPod-AThis week the Co-Main Event Podcast picks up the shattered pieces of what was once the UFC women’s bantamweight division and tries to put them all back together in a way that seems somehow appealing. It’s a tough assignment. In addition to reflecting on Holly Holm’s stunning loss to Valentina Shevchenko last Saturday at UFC on Fox 20, Ben and Chad look ahead to Robbie Lawler’s UFC 201 welterweight title defense against Tyron Woodley and wonder if another upset is on deck. They also consider the newly-booked middleweight title fight between Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson and try to make sense of Hendo’s claim he’ll walk away from MMA after this fight win, lose or draw.

All that, plus AYFKM, JSS and MasterTweet Theatre.

Direct downloaders can check Ben’s wife for weapons right here.

Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 214 (7/18/16)

comainPod-AThe MMA scene slumps back to normal this week, after a gala UFC 200 celebration that saw the fight company stage three events on consecutive days. What does “normal” mean exactly? Well, you know, just the usual stuff: The UFC put on just one live event this week (its fourth in, like, seven days) and then a human man got the front of his forehead crushed in by the knee of another human man. Everybody survived, so that was good. Here, the Co-Main Event Podcast tries to make sense of all of it. That means Ben and Chad talk about the gruesome injury Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos suffered at the hands (and knees) of Michael Page at a Bellator MMA event in London. They also chat about John Lineker’s big win over Michael McDonald and then look ahead to Holly Holm’s bout with Valentina Schevchenko.

All that, plus AYFKM and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

Direct downloaders can grapple with the pronunciation of “Kyrgyzstan” right here.

Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 213 (7/11/16)

comainPod-ALet’s see, where to even start? Well, UFC 200 happened, mmmkay? It took three days, there were a boatload of fights and a bunch of noteworthy stuff happened. But even before that there was Wednesday evening, when news broke that Jon Jones had been flagged by USADA for a “potential anti-doping violation” and pulled from his fight with Daniel Cormier. Wasn’t that some shit? Long story short, Cormier ended up fighting Anderson Silva–we know, right?–and the bout itself was kind of a stinker. Also, Brock Lesnar returned, Amanda Nunes won the women’s bantamweight title, Eddie Alvarez upset Rafael dos Anjos for the lightweight crown, Joanna Champion really earned her nickname and Jose Aldo beat Frankie Edgar for a second time. So, does that about cover it? Oh, wait, no THEY SOLD THE FUCKING UFC THAT’S WHAT THEY DID.

As a result, Chad and Ben have no choice but to go five rounds during this week’s CME. The show is broken up into two parts, so after you finish listening to this one, you’ll have to find and play part two (both below). Think you can handle that? Great, good. OK, take a moment to mentally prepare yourself.

And … break!

Direct downloaders can watch Dana White run slow motion toward the Octagon and dive to grab the mic out of Brock Lesnar’s hand right here for part 1 and right here for part 2.


Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 212 (7/5/16)

comainPod-AHow to even make sense of this monster UFC 200 fight week, CME Universe? The Co-Main Event Podcast split the damn thing over two episodes and it still feels too big to even deal with. This week, Ben and Chad pretty much offer up wall-to-wall UFC 200 talk from start to finish and some stones are still left regrettably undisturbed. At least the largest, heaviest dagger-chest-tattooed stones get a thorough investigation. On episode 212, your guys talk about Daniel Cormier’s light heavyweight title fight against Jon Jones, Brock Lesnar’s return to the cage after a lengthy absence and Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar meeting for the interim (?) featherweight championship.

All that, AYFKM and JSS.

Direct downloaders can keep clicking Wikipedia to make sure Aldo is still 29 right here.

Happy Birthday, America! (CME Delayed Until 7/5)

CME signIn celebration of America’s birthday (and because everyone has a family barbecue/lake trip/short rehab stint already scheduled) this week’s Co-Main Event Podcast will be delayed until Tuesday.

This gives everyone the chance to really get their jingoistic  grooves on Monday, drink too many cheap American lagers, blow some shit up and brave the most dangerous day of the year on America’s highways. Besides, it also gives Brock Lesnar 24 more hours to pull out of UFC 200 with some sort of lower intestinal disorder nobody has ever heard of before.

The podcast will return on Tuesday to continue its wall-to-wall UFC 200 coverage. On that day, the CME will drop at the normal time, at some point in the early evening as soon as it’s all done. We’d appreciate you not asking. Thanks in advance!