Month: May 2016

Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 207 (5/30/16)

comainPod-AThe Co-Main Event Podcast shows up for this memorial day episode feeling a little shaky and touch hungover, but it showed up nonetheless. Ben and Chad just aren’t going to leave you hanging, you know? Besides, there is plenty to discuss. From Cody Garbrandt’s easy-as-pie starching of Thomas Almeida on Sunday at UFC Fight Night 88 to Renan Barao’s unsuccessful return to featherweight, it’s all in here. In addition to that, the guys look ahead to next Saturday’s UFC 199 and the two title fights it will bring.

All that, plus AYFKM and JSS.

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Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 206 (5/23/16)

comainPod-ABen is returned from the woods and the Co-Main Event Podcast goes on as scheduled. While his personal appearance–normal, un-grizzled–is a bit of a letdown for Chad, who was hoping for something more Grizzly Adams-ish, there is a lot of business to discuss. For starters, this matter of Michael Bisping finally getting a shot at the middleweight title. Also, the fact that motherfuckers STILL won’t stop trippin’ about this Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather bullshit. In addition to that, Chad tries to get Ben pumped up for Thomas Almeida vs. Cody Garbrandt in the main event of this weekend’s UFC Fight Night event with … limited success.

All that, plus AYFKM, JSS and MasterTweet Theatre.

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Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 205 (5/16/16)

comainPod-AIn order to squeeze another episode in between vacations, the CME got together early on Monday to lay down No. 205 before Ben slipped off to his literal cabin in the literal woods for some literal R&R. Luckily, he and Chad don’t think you’ll mind if an episode drops ahead of schedule for a change. Plenty to discuss here, obviously, with dueling UFC and Bellator events over the weekend. The guys talk over Stipe Miocic’s heavyweight title victory over Fabricio Werdum, Cyborg Justino’s long-awaited Octagon debut, Phil Davis’ big win over King Mo and Jacare Souza’s battering of Vitor Belfort.

All that, plus AYFKM and JSS.

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Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 204 (5/12/16)

comainPod-AThanks for your patience, CME Universe. Nah, jokes, patience is not your motherfuckering virtue, guys, you know that? You grumbled and groaned the whole week Chad was off visiting his in-laws in Florida and then grumbled and groaned some more when Ben caused a delay on Wednesday. We’d like to say we love you for it, but … no, that’s not quite right. It’s more like begrudging respect. We begrudgingly respect your tenacity when it comes to demanding the podcast. So thanks for that kind of. In any case, there’s plenty to talk about here, from rumors of a UFC sale, to Anderson Silva’s recent gall bladder problems–what the hell is a gall bladder, anyway?–to big wins over the weekend from Alistair Overeem and Stefan Struve. It all sort of nicely sets the stage for Saturday’s UFC 198 pay-per-view, where Fabricio Werdum will defend the heavyweight title against Stipe Miocic.

We promise after this no more delays. Except maybe next week. Maybe. We’ll see.

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Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 203 (5/2/16)

comainPod-AAnother week where #aintshitgoingon. I mean, #notreally. It leads your guys Ben and Chad to pull out another All Questions Considered episode of the Co-Main Event Podcast. And yeah, sure, there’s that Fight Night event this weekend where Andrei Arlovski is fighting Alistair Overeem and Stefan Struve is fighting Bigfoot Silva, but since you guys sent in exactly zero questions regarding that event, they figured you didn’t care all that much. The questions, per usual, were good. On this episode, the dudes talk about TUF 23, the UFC’s weirdo women’s flyweight fight, Conor McGregor (of course), Jon Jones (of course) and some other stuff that was tickling your mindbrains enough to send in questions. Plus, they engage in an impromptu Tips for the Well-Rounded Fight Fans!

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