Month: January 2015

Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 138 (1/26/15)

comainPod-AThe Co-Main Event Podcast isn’t feeling well, you guys, but Ben and Chad still got it together to record episode 138 for you, the fans. Just too much stuff going on not to give er the ol’ CME try. For starters, Anthony Johnson put those hands on Alexander Gustafsson on Saturday at UFC on Fox 14. End result? We have a new No. 1 contender to Jon Jones’ light heavyweight title. In addition, the cowboy that is Dan Henderson may finally have let the bucking bronco of his professional MMA career ride him off into the sunset. Oh and hey, did you guys know Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz are going to fight this weekend at UFC 183? Yeah, they are, and the guys talk about that, too.

All that, plus MasterTweet Theatre, AYFKM and Just Sayin Stuff.

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Sounds: This week’s music comes from listener Ben Law and his band Tupunk.If you like what you hear you can check them out at:

Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 137 (1/19/15)

comainPod-AAfter an oddball Sunday night UFC event, the Co-Main Event Podcast finds itself still shaking off the hangover of Fight Night 59. Ben and Chad squint for a long time at Conor McGregor’s victory over Dennis Siver, trying to see if there’s anything to make of it, besides the fact McGregor will now fight that one guy in the front row. There’s also Donald Cerrone’s controversial decision victory over Benson Henderson to try to put in context and–just when they’ve got that sorted–this New Business about Alexander Gustafsson fighting Anthony Johnson next Saturday in Stockholm. We’re back in it, folks, and we’re back in it deep.

All that, plus AYFKM and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

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Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 136 (1/12/15)

comainPod-AIn classic Co-Main Event fashion, the new podcast smell hadn’t even worn off last week’s episode before UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones tested positive for that candy cane. You know, that gutter glitter? That paradise white? Anyhoo, Ben and Chad weren’t going to let an opportunity like that go by without busting out their best Scarface jokes. Their best Boogie Nights jokes. Their best New Jack City jokes. Especially after the Nevada State Athletic Commission spent the next week playing the Gee Money to Jones’ Nino Brown. Oh yeah, there is also another event of mixed rules fighting happening this weekend, when Conor McGregor takes on Dennis Siver and Donald Cerrone steps in on–what else–short notice to fight Benson Henderson.

All that, plus Just Sayin’ Stuff and AYFKM.

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Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 135 (1/5/15)

comainPod-APlots are thick for this week’s Co-Main Event Podcast, recorded just a couple of days after Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier finally settled their beef at UFC 182. Well, they fought, anyhow. Not sure there was a ton of beef-settling, as both Jones and Cormier appeared to dislike each other just as much after they’d fought as before. Ben and Chad take a running leap at the topic–shouting “Cannon ball!” as they soar gracefully through the air–spending not one, but two rounds on it. After a fight like that, it just seemed necessary, you know? Also on the docket? Donald Cerrone’s victory over Myles Jury at the same event.

All that, plus AYFKM and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

SOUNDS: This week’s music comes from listener Mushroom Jesus, hailing from the Big Island of Hawaii. If you like what you hear you can check out more of his/her music on Soundcloud.

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Read a Sample Chapter of Chad’s Novel ‘Champion of the World’

HIST londos-lewis-wrigley.jpgEven though the dang thing doesn’t come out until 2016, Chad made a sample chapter of his debut novel Champion of the World available for public consumption on Monday at his website.

Wait, you’re saying, Chad has a website? He does, and you can read said sample chapter right here.