Month: October 2014

Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 126 (10/27/14)

comainPod-AWhat’s that chill you feel in the air, gentle listener? Why, it’s the super-scary, mega-terrifying Halloween episode of the Co-Main Event Podcast. Just pull up a squeaky old rocking chair and try to listen to Ben and Chad talk about the week’s mixed martial arts news over the spooky sound effects of a howling wolf, the screech of an opening door or, like, a laughing devil or something. This week’s topics include Jose Aldo’s successful title defense against Chad Mendes at UFC 179 in a fight-of-the-year caliber brawl, Phil Davis’ odd call-out of Anderson Silva and the longstanding curse surrounding the UFC heavyweight championship. So, yeah, it’s pretty spine-tingling.

All that. plus AYFKM and MasterTweet Theatre.

Sounds: This week’s music comes from listener Patrick DeCoste, who also just so happens to be a guitar instrumentalist. If you like what you hear from him you can check out his website at or find more of his work at

Direct downloaders can give Chad and his family ideas for costumes to wear to Ben’s Halloween party right here.

Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 125 (10/20/14)

comainPod-AAfter the soaring high that was last week’s All Questions Considered episode, Co-Main Event Podcast No. 125 crashes back to earth, reverting to the crippling normalcy of just having Ben and Chad talk about stuff. Luckily for everyone, there’s actual stuff to talk about this week. The guys address Jose Aldo’s upcoming UFC 179 rematch against Chad Mendes, wondering if anything has changed that would make them believe that this time Mendes might pull off the upset. In addition, they talk about Phil Davis’ bout against Glover Teixeira, agreeing it’s pretty much a must-win for “Mr. Wonderful.” In round three, they get a little philosophical on the topic of the UFC’s 2015 schedule and a recent Sports Business Journal article about the fight company. Only after finishing recording did they immediately realize that said article had a super big typo in it about how many PPVs the UFC has sold in the last few years, so you’ll have to bear with them on that little mistake.

All that plus AYFKM, Just Sayin Stuff and MasterTweet Theatre.

Sounds: This week’s music comes from Long Beach indie surf band The Dudelords, who assured the CME they’ve been ” listening since the old website.” If you like their tunes, you can find more of them at:

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Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 124 (10/13/14)

comainPod-AWith the UFC on hiatus both this weekend and the last, the Co-Main Event Podcast saddles up for another episode of All Questions Considered. It’s simple, really. You send Ben and Chad your email questions and they answer as many of them as they possibly can in an hour and change. From Joe Warren’s Bellator bantamweight title victory to Jake Shields’ WSOF win over Ryan Ford to Mayhem Miller’s continuing meltdown, it’s all covered. In fact, this bad boy is so quick and painless, the guys might just start doing AQC every single week. Nah, probably not, but thanks for all your emails, all the same.

Direct downloaders can ignore Big John McCarthy’s verbal warnings right here.

Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 123 (10/6/14)

comainPod-AYet another UFC doubleheader Saturday leaves the Co-Main Event Podcast feeling spent. On this episode, Ben and Chad discuss Rory MacDonald’s victory over Tarec Saffiedine in an apparent welterweight title eliminator. It seems like fans will tacitly accept MacDonald as the next challenger for the 170-pound title, if not exactly welcome him with open arms. Rick Story notched a big upset win as well, undressing Gunnar Nelson over in Stockholm. So there’s that. Also, the guys dip into the question of whether Cung Le’s recent positive drug test raises issues with the UFC’s testing policies, regardless of Le’s guilt or innocence.

All that, plus AYFKM, MasterTweet Theatre and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

Sounds: This week’s music comes from listener Wesley Stevenson, aka Moustro, a video game audio designer from Virginia. To hear more of his stuff, check out his Soundcloud page or his YouTube page.

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