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Tips for the Well-Rounded Fight Fan [Index]

Tips for the well-roundedYou know how you’re always like, Hey, that thing Ben/Chad was talking about on Tips for the Well-Rounded Fight Fan sounded cool, but now I can’t remember what it was/where to find it/where I left my car keys. Oh well, guess I better hit ’em up on Twitter for a reminder? Yeah, no. From this day forward (and hopefully backward too, if we can swing it) the Co-Main Event Podcast will begin cataloging our TFTWRFF right here in this very post. Each time we do Tips on the CME, we’ll add them to the list below, date them and provide handy links to where you can find the source material for said tip. Seem OK? OK, go …

Episode 296

Ben: Dept of Speculation, by Jenny Offill (novel)

Ben: SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome, by Mary Beard

Chad: Babylon Berlin (TV Series)

Episode 290

Ben: Idaho, by Emily Ruskovich (novel)

Chad:  Mogul, from Gimlet Media (podcast)

Episode 255
Ben & Chad:  Crimetown, by Gimlet Media (podcast)

Episode 203
Ben: Black Ajax, by George MacDonald Fraser (historical fiction)

Chad: Catastrophe & The Americans (tv shows)

Episode 190

Ben: World of Tomorrow (short film)
Chad: Fargo (TV show)

Episode 169

Ben: Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania, by Erik Larson (non-fiction)
Chad: Mr. Robot (TV show)

Episode 133

Ben: “Sneaky People” by Thomas Berger (novel).

Chad: “The Ploughment” by Kim Zupan (novel).

Episode 120

Ben: “The Bone Clocks” by David Mitchell (novel).

Chad: “Rectify” (TV series).

Episode 107
Ben: 12 O’Clock Boys (documentary film)
Chad: Dear Zachary (documantary film)

Episode 99
Ben: Glimmer Train Stories, #90 (literary journal)
Chad: The Goldfinch: A Novel, by Donna Tartt (novel)

Episode 88 (1/27/14)

Ben: “Happy People” (documentary film).
Chad: “Galveston” by Nic Pizzolatto (novel).

Episode 76 (11/4/13)

Ben: “Flashman” by George MacDonald Fraser (novel).
Chad: “Thuglit: Issue 8” (short stories, including one by him).

Episode 67 (9/3/13)

Ben: “The Neon Wilderness” by Nelson Algren (short stories).

Chad: Christine Falls,” by Benjamin Black (novel).

Episode 64 (8/13/13)
Ben: “The Stench of Honolulu” by Jack Handy (novel).
Chad: “Run the Jewels” by Killer Mike and El-P (album).

Episode 57 (6/25/13)

Ben: “There’s Something Wrong with Aunt Diane” (documentary film).
Chad: “Undefeated” (documentary film).

Episode 54 (6/4/13)
Ben: “30 For 30: Renée” (documentary film).
Chad: “Ghost Man” by Roger Hobbs (novel).

Episode 48 (4/23/13)
Ben: “Fletch,” by Gregory McDonald (novel).
Chad: “The Imposter” (documentary film).

Episode 39 (2/19/13)
Ben: The Menzingers (punk band).
Chad: “10,000 Saints,” by Eleanor Henderson (novel).

Episode 34 (1/16/13)
Ben: “Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World,” by Jack Weatherford (non-fiction).
Chad: “The Staircase” (documentary series).

Episode 27 (11/20/12)
Ben: “Restrepo” (documentary film).
Chad: “City of Bohane,” by Kevin Barry (novel).

Episode 25 (11/6/12)
Ben: “Black Swan Green,” by David Mitchell (novel).
Chad: “Prohibition,” by Ken Burns (documentary series).

Episode 21 (10/9/12)
Ben: “Pulphead: Essays,” by John Jeremiah Sullivan (nonfiction).
Chad: “The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Dangerous Obsession,” by David Grann (non-fiction).

Episode 17 (9/11/12)
Ben:  “Meditations,” by Marcus Aurelius (nerd shit).
Chad: Fatherhood (the state of being).

Episode 12 (8/7/12)
Ben:  @MarsCuriosity (twitter account).
Chad: “The Renegade Sportsman,” by Zach Dundas (nonfiction).

Episode 10 (7/24/12)
Ben:  “What A Time It Was: The Best of W. C. Heinz on Sports” (nonfiction).
Chad: “The Power of the Dog,” by Don Winslow (novel).

Episode 7 (7/3/12)
Ben: The Youtube Channel of Prof. Nicholas Jenkins.
Chad: “Dream to Nightmare”, by Douglas Glanville.

Episode 5 (6/19/12)
Ben: Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History (podcast).
Chad: “Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets,” by David Simon (non-fiction).

Episode 3 (6/5/12)
Ben: “Protagonist” (documentary film).
Chad: Zicam (cold remedy).

Episode 2 (5/29/12)
Ben: “The Long Ships,” by Frans G. Bengtsson (novel).
Chad:  “The Sisters Brothers,” by Patrick DeWitt (novel).

Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 85 (1/6/14)

pod_dWith very little in the way of topical MMA news going on this week, the Co-Main Event Podcast once again puts the fate of the show in the hands of you, the listener. Instead of wasting a round talking about UFC: Singapore or whatever, Ben and Chad once again pull off an episode of All Questions Considered. That’s right, this week it’s all listener mail, all the time. From the happenings on last weekend’s Fight Pass-only event, to the potential of Chris Weidman turning heel to the late breaking news concerning Dominick Cruz’s torn groin, it’s all in here. For better and for worse, the listeners plotted this show from start to finish.

Except the middle, when Sir Nigel Longstock stops by to play a little MasterTweet Theatre. All that, plus AYFKM and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

Direct downloaders can listen right here, but only at 6 a.m. and only to a bunch of guys without Wikipedia pages.

Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 84 (12/30/13)

pod_dThe Co-Main Event Podcast prepares to ring in 2014 this week with the first ever installment of CME: After Dark. What’s that mean, you ask? Eh, just that Ben and Chad had to record a couple hours later than normal, it was actually dark outside and they cracked open a couple of the Xmas beers they received in the mail from Danny Downes. So if you feel like this week’s podcast is, I don’t know, sexier than normal, that’s why. With UFC 168 ending in Anderson Silva’s horrible leg injury and Ronda Rousey’s triumph last Saturday night, the MMA talk comes fast and loose. After properly dispensing with event-related talk, the guys look back on 2013 and ahead to the new year, as Ben totally hijacks round three and talks about TRT or something for like seven minutes. So, sorry about that.

All that, plus AYFKM (of the year!) and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

Direct downloaders can dedicate this one to the blue collar workers in the cheap seats right here.

Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 83 (12/20/13)

pod_dSurprise! Just because the Co-Main Event Podcast wants you fools to have a very happy holiday (and because Chad has to go out of town next week) Dundas and Fowlkes got together to record episode 83 a little early. And why not? It’s not like recording it on Friday rather than the following Monday meant they were going to miss any big news, right? Oh God, they hope they don’t miss any big news. Anyway, the show was going to be full of content no matter what, with UFC 168 on tap this weekend and Chris Weidman defending his middleweight title against Anderson Silva. Here’s hoping that sentence still feels as backward to read as it does to type. Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate are going to go at it at that same event as well, which will provide a nice aperitif to the main event. Oh yeah, and also Bigfoot Silva got popped for elevated levels of testosterone, thereby ruining one of the best fights of the year.

Not to paraphrase Boyz N the Hood or anything, but can’t we have one night without nobody testing positive?

Direct download types and can accuse a doctor of overdosing them with testosterone right here.

Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 81 (12/9/13)

New logo 81One show on the Fox family of networks down, another one coming this weekend. Episode 81 of the Co-Main Event Podcast finds Ben and Chad reveling in the unexpected glory of Mark Hunt’s slugfest with Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva last Saturday on Fox Sports 1. Twas that rare heavyweight fight that goes a full five rounds, while seemingly getting better at every step along the way. In addition to that, they inspect Mauricio “Shogun” Rua’s revitalizing knockout of James Te Huna, wondering aloud if the “old Shogun” could truly be “back.” With the time remaining, they look forward to next Saturday’s card on Fox Heavy, where Team Alpha Male sends everybody on the roster into the fray.

All that plus MasterTweet Theatre, AYFKM and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

Direct downloaders can boo referee Steve Perceval, right here.

Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 79 (11/25/13)

New logo redux 79After the rollercoaster of the last few weeks it feels almost refreshing to return to the normal MMA news cycle, with the Co-Main Event Podcast sleuthing around for suitable topics with which to fill the hour. That is to say, this should be considered a slow week in mixed fighting circles as there is only one UFC event, and it’s sort of a minor one. Nonetheless, Ben and Chad spend a round of episode 79 “breaking down” (in a manner of speaking) Saturday night’s forthcoming main event between Gray Maynard and Nate Diaz. In addition, they talk about Jon Jones’ recent proclamations that he wants to fight Cain Velasquez “within a year” and that he wants to retire by age 30. Ben Askren’s Monday meeting with the UFC is also a topic of conversation, though the show was recorded before any news could break there.

All that, plus MasterTweet Theatre, AYFKM and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

Direct downloaders can give their ideas for TUF 20 right here.

Sounds: This week’s music comes from listener Zach Nelson and his band Retaliate. If you like what you hear, you can find more of their music here.



Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 71 (9/30/13)

New logo 71Plenty of news and notes to discuss this week on the Co-Main Event Podcast and not all of it jolly. On Episode 71, Ben and Chad spend the bulk of the time sorting out happenings that range from unsavory to simply unsatisfying. There is Yushin Okami’s recent release from the UFC to consider, along with news that the rematch we all expected/wanted between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson isn’t going to happen as quickly as it first appeared. The biggest bummer of all, though, is the death of a Brazilian flyweight last Thursday just prior to the weigh-ins for a Shooto event in Rio. All that stuff gets discussed in more or less excruciating detail, as does Sir Nigel Longstock’s current illness, which the world’s leading theatricalist blames on Ben’s baby daughter.

All that, plus AYFKM, MasterTweet Theatre and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

Direct downloaders can catch a cold from an infant right here.


Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 70 (9/23/13)

New logo 42There was so much awesomeness to go around in Jon Jones’ UFC 165 win over Alexander Gustafsson that Ben and Chad thought something special was in order for episode 70 of the Co-Main Event Podcast. Unfortunately, they were both too tired to think about it for long, so in the end they just decided to commit all three rounds to that one fight. Don’t fret, the guys still found some time to discuss the fortunes of Renan “The Monster” Barao, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Brendan Schaub. That one fight, though, that was a doozy.

All that, plus AYFKM and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

Direct downloaders can come on ride the train to right here.



Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 68 (9/10/13)

New logo 42Just because there is no major MMA show this week doesn’t mean the Co-Main Event Podcast won’t have more than enough fight-related BS to BS about during episode 68. For starters, Ben and Chad chop it up over Georges St. Pierre and Johny Hendricks bickering about who exactly is (or is not) going to conduct the independent drug testing for their UFC 167 fight and who is (or is not) going to pay for it. In addition, there’s this new season of The Ultimate Fighter. which debuted to slumping ratings amid a short spate of slumping UFC ratings on Fox Sports 1. Also, Bellator opened its Fall season with an entertaining scrap for the middleweight title. Not that you would notice in the middle of that company’s ongoing PR nightmare.

All that, plus MasterTweet Theatre, AYFKM and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

Sounds: This week’s music comes to us courtesy of podcast listener Til Breidenbach and his straightedge hardcore band Luca Brasi. If you like the cut of their particular jib, you can find more here.

Direct downloaders can get set adrift on memory bliss right here.



Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 67 (9/3/13)

New logo 42The first Co-Main Event Podcast of the Anthony Pettis Era went down in style, with custom-made suits and Corn Nuts for everybody. Nah, not really. Since episode 67 was recorded on Labor Day, Ben and Chad did this one in board shorts and trucker hats, with a couple of Olympias coozie’d-up at the ready. Fine, that’s not exactly true either, but it is a verifiable fact that Chad’s daughter screamed and cried throughout the whole show, so if you can hear what sounds like a raccoon trying to free itself from a spring-loaded leg trap in the background, that’s just her. Seriously, no animals were harmed during the recording of this podcast, unless you count reason and good taste as living, breathing things. The guys break down Pettis’ win over Benson Henderson at UFC 164, talk about Frank Mir’s odd first person account of his knockout loss to Josh Barnett and preview Wednesday’s Fight Night 28 card. At least, the fights with people they’ve heard of before.

All that, plus AYFKM, Tips for the Well-Rounded Fight Fan and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

Sounds: This week’s music comes from podcast listener Sean Madigan and his band Naked Women’s Street Fighting League. If you like their stuff, check them out here.

Direct downloaders can do a crazy little dance before  knocking out Brandon Vera right here.