Read a Sample Chapter of Chad’s Novel ‘Champion of the World’

HIST londos-lewis-wrigley.jpgEven though the dang thing doesn’t come out until 2016, Chad made a sample chapter of his debut novel Champion of the World available for public consumption on Monday at his website.

Wait, you’re saying, Chad has a website? He does, and you can read said sample chapter right here.


  1. Peter Breuer says:

    Excellent read! I am looking forward to this novel with great anticpation.

    To that end when the novel becomes available for preorder on Amazon or some other website can you make sure to plug it during the podcast?

  2. Great stuff. You can find me lining up at the book store at 5am the day this sucker comes out.
    And I’ll plug this because Chad probably won’t: You should also read his short stories that are on the site.

  3. Dave Matthews says:

    Aside from running the best MMA podcast in the world, you can write? Wow.
    Thumbs up.

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