Listener Mail GIF Parade: UFC 162 Edition

Yeah, this is happening again. I guess no one should be all that surprised that your dudes got a ton of listener mail after Anderson Silva’s fake stanky leg became a totally real, totally stanky one at UFC 162.

Obviously, we couldn’t get to all that in one episode of the podcast without breaking a solemn vow up in this piece. Also, we don’t really want to take the time to answer all those questions with words, because that sounds hard. So what do we do? We say it with a GIF, brother. It’s all we really can do.

From Michael M: I’ll keep it simple. Something seemed a bit fishy at the end of Silva Weidman, and no I’m not a “fucking idiot” as Dana White termed those who are suspect. While the big money superfights are now on hold, which would normally be motivation for such a set-up, any real chance this one was fixed?

From Nicholas Picholas: I have a new question regarding judging. If judges never get in trouble for scoring fights blindfolded, why do we always hear that scoring a 10-10 round is frowned upon? From what we’ve seen the commissions won’t do a damn thing if you score a fight 30-25 in favor of Kalib Starnes. I find it hard to believe judges will get their walking papers or be punished in some sort of manner for calling a 10-10 round.

From Cian Shine: The recent talk about fighters pay really serves as a reminder to me of just how shit scared UFC fighters appear to be when it comes to speaking out against their employer.

The issue of fighters pay is generally only raised by fighters who don’t have any reason to fear getting on the UFC’s bad side, such as Josh Cholish, Ken Shamrock and to a lesser extent John Fitch. We recently saw a current Zuffa employee Tim Kennedy speak out about fighters pay, only to quickly turnaround and apologize for his ‘hurtful’ remarks toward Zuffa, while also giving what sounded like a Zuffa press release. What do you think it is about Zuffa that makes their athletes appear to be so afraid of speaking out against the company?

I can’t see Zuffa firing someone like Tim Kennedy over his comments as it would just lead to more negative media attention for the company and perhaps even legal issues. If anything, it seems like a way for a mid-level fighter like Kennedy to get from the media, increase their twitter followers and perhaps make them more appealing to sponsors.

From Spencer W: I know we aren’t psychologists. But why do you think people feel the need to build a conspiracy about Silva throwing the fight? Obviously they are unable to use logic, but why they do that?

From Gonzo from Peru: I was wondering if during the the UFC 162 madness you managed to catch a tweet from TIto Ortiz (Huntington Beach’s Peoples Champ of Bad Boys) that said: “Comebacks are the best” accompanied by a picture of himself flexing in front of the mirror. I guess what I am asking is, do you guys think he is actually coming back and if that’s so, are you fucking kidding me Tito?

From Til Breidenbach: a question from a young dad and MMA enthusiast just like yourselves. If one of your children decided to fight professionally, would you be happy about that?

From Joakim Kalantari: The Barbarian Horde is hurting today! And I blame Chad for it! I’m not sure why, though. Could you make a case for how this is all Chad’s fault?

From Great Dane: If both of you (and most of the MMA media) agree that the UFC Hall of Fame isn’t exactly a “Hall of Fame”, similar to Major League Baseball or the NFL, why does the MMA media feel compelled to continually to write about it?

From Jay Bradley: It’s all fun and games until you get knocked the fuck out pretending to do the stanky leg.