Film Study: Diaz Camp Not Pleased with Motherf*ckers Being All Wet and Shit


It has already been a banner week for Diaz-related videos, what with E. Casey Leydon’s fabulous and unflinching profile of the men behind War MMA going up over at MMA As you may or may not remember from the Just Sayin’ Stuff portion of this week’s CME Podcast Ben Fowlkes also referenced another glorious 209-centric video (which you now see above) proving that being in Nick Diaz’s corner during a UFC fight is exactly as awesome as you’ve always imagined.

Ben posted it to his Twitter account a few days ago, but we figured it was worth putting up here as well, just in case you don’t keep tabs on his every social media move. Though seriously, we can’t imagine why that would be the case, unless you’re not into being insulted.

The whole video is pretty much gold, though major highlights here include the Diaz camp being weirdly (but frankly not surprisingly) obsessed with the amount of water opposing coaches put on these motherfuckers, their pronouncement that Carlos Condit’s offense consists mostly of “asshole shit” and somebody we assume is either Cesar or Nate yelling “Fucking Hawaiians!” during Nick’s fight against B.J. Penn.

5 comments on Film Study: Diaz Camp Not Pleased with Motherf*ckers Being All Wet and Shit

  1. Mike Paladino says:

    This video is great.

    Thanks Chad and Ben the podcast is awesome!!

  2. Gman says:

    I was going to speak my mind, but then I realized I don’t have a mind.

  3. Hank says:

    LMAO! Too epic, too much Diaz to handle!

  4. James says:

    Thanks for sharing! Made my day haha, site is looking great too, you guys rock

  5. cml21 says:

    “Fuckin’ Hawaiians!”

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