Episode 317: All hail The Messenger, Tilly Dills (and stills), plus Conor vs. Nurmy is ON

UFC 227 provided twists and turns–Henry Cejudo and Tilly Dills reigned–and Conor McGregor is set to return against the dude he threw that hand truck at, so …

13 comments on Episode 317: All hail The Messenger, Tilly Dills (and stills), plus Conor vs. Nurmy is ON

  1. Disappointed says:

    Direct download gone??? 😕

  2. Peter Muir says:

    How come I can’t seem to download the podcast anymore. Thanks

  3. Joakim says:

    I would like to download the episode, as I have the other 318 times before. But the new website (mozel btw) doesn’t seem to allow this. Also no instructions for direct downloaders. What am I to do?

    1. roxmenot says:

      Yeah, same here. Annoying.

    2. Jim says:

      I’ve had the same experience with Firefox since they changed the website. Really annoying not being able to download the episodes.

    3. HeroSlayer says:

      There is a little cloud icon with an arrow pointing down next to the volume control.

      1. Chad Dundas says:

        Indeed, the direct download icon is the little cloud with the arrow inside it. It shows up on desktop right now, but not on the mobile version. Trying to get that fixed.

        1. Chad Dundas says:

          Update: I did some tinkering and now the download link should be available on mobile.

          1. Michael says:

            Thanks for looking into this, not a huge fan of the redesign. It Looks screwy on mobile, plus change make people feel scared.

    4. Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh says:

      It’s a browser issue brother. There is a download link there, you probably just can’t see it if you are viewing the mobile version of the site. On your browser settings select “Desktop Site” and the sneaky little download link which has been eluding should reveal itself. I’m sure Ben and Chad are aware of the issue but they’re probably too busy blowing all that Pay Tree’on money on Gucci floral jogging bottoms and rolexes so they can play Connie Mac and Dilly Dee.

  4. Thomas L. says:

    Glad I’m not the only one who was wondering what happened to the direct download yesterday. Thanks for the tinkering Chad!

  5. Josh says:

    Cody weighed in on the day at 142, same as DJ. He can make Flyweight.

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