Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 97 (3/31/14)

comainPod-AAh, the doldrums of Spring. With the MMA calendar in a bit of a down cycle this week, the Co-Main Event Podcast breaks from its typical format with one of its favorite diversions–All Questions Considered. That means Ben and Chad put the content of this week’s show in your hands and pull off 72 odds minutes of nothing but listener mail. You asked, and now the boys will answer. Sort of. If they feel like it. Reserving the right for lengthy departures and a wee bit of good-natured mockery.

Back to your regularly scheduled CME next week. Maybe.

Direct downloaders can figure out Ben Fowlkes’ fake middle name right here.


  1. That “Throwing in the Towel” article was really good Ben.

    The original Article was so asinine I would have just yelled at it.
    You and Downes took the premise from a jerkoff article and made the proverbial lemonade out of a lemon.

    Also: More tweets with Fumblebutt Winklebottom or whatever his name is please.
    He’s funny.

  2. It’s funny how I can tell an article is written by Ben just from its dripping sarcasm nowadays…

    LOL! Great read though, “shopping for linens together”, a classic Ben Fowlkes’ line!

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