Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 96 (3/25/14)

comainPod-AA day late and several dollars short, episode 96 of the Co-Main Event Podcast finally makes its way to the streets on Tuesday, after a 24 hour delay caused by Ben Fowlkes’ duties as a newspaperman for U.S. Today. Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise however, as the tardiness gives Ben and Chad the opportunity to discuss Chris Weidman’s injury and the rescheduling of his middleweight title fight against Lyoto Machida. In addition, the guys look back at Dan Henderson’s win over Shogun Rua at UFC Fight Night 38, the banishment of Will Chope from the UFC roster as well as the happenings of Bellator 113 (yes, they watched it).

All that, plus AYFKM, Just Sayin’ Stuff and MasterTweet Theatre.

Direct downloaders can strip to the waist and fight a hobo in Chad’s backyard right here.


  1. Ligel Nongstocke says:

    About darn time! Like I had nothing better to do than sit and hit “refresh” every 10 minutes just because yous guys actually have paying jobs. The audacity!

  2. Only5minutesIn says:

    Chad’s overt passive aggressiveness is delicious.

  3. There should be a button which allows the viewer to listen to Ben and Chad commentating…

  4. Roman from Berlin says:

    I’m more for Anik-Stann-Rogan

  5. danny moreno says:

    I love the round about the violence about women. the UFC needs to make sure they are doing thorough background checks.

  6. SuperstarPecanbar says:

    Will Chope’s wife has forgiven him, why can’t you? There’s no moral highground in being outraged and restrictive in what he is “allowed” to do according to you. As if you have something to say about it. This is a legal matter and it has been resolved, PERIOD.

    Ben makes a “solid point” when he says that fighting is the one thing Will shouldn’t be able to do? AYFKM? Martial arts has been the saving grace of many young violent people, and judgemental people like yourselves will always try to pin the label back on a offender, no matter what he has done in order to make things right. And how does that help? How does that do anything other than make yourselves feel better, when you’re allowed to castigate another human being. You effectively have a social license to judge someone in this situation, and boy did you guys pounce on that opportunity. It betrays your ignorance. And as far as the UFC goes, they should have defended him, because he served his time, he made up with his wife, and that should be that. Labeling people who have committed disgusting and atrocious acts of violence doesn’t help in the least. I am so embarassed for you. This is so awkward.

    • No, no, I am embarrassed for YOU. AYFKM? You have seriously just burned all that calories defending a wife-beater? Shish! Move along guys, nothing to see here…

      • SuperstarPecanbar says:

        I didn’t even break a sweat, and i will defend anyone who tries to change and learn from mistakes.


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