Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 87 (1/20/14)

pod_dAnother week, approximately another 1 million stories for the Co-Main Event Podcast to try to cram into an hour, 15 minutes. Last Wednesday’s UFC Fight Night 35 card ended with Luke Rockhold reclaiming some of his momentum with a first-round knockout of Costas Philippou, and that leads off this week’s three rounds of action. In addition, Georges St-Pierre and Dana White start a brand new war of words (not to be confused with their last one) and Josh Thomson prepares to fight Benson Henderson after the worst training camp of his life.

Sounds: The music for this week’s Co-Main Event Podcast comes to us from listener Lucas Ketelle, or officially from the artist Tay Off The Top & Lukie The Producer and the album T.O.T.T. (Top of The Twamps). If you like what you hear you can get at him through his twitter account: @LukieBoxing.

Direct downloaders can possibly (totally not) crap their pants during a fight and then have everybody talk about it for a week straight right here.


15 comments on Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 87 (1/20/14)

  1. João Borges says:

    I’ve been a big fan of the podcast for a while now, but this Dundas guy sometimes just gets on my nerves… Stuff like calling Brazilian Police Special forces paramilitary organizations or saying that fighters – people like Cole Miller, for instance – are so stupid that they can’t come up with nicknames for other people on their own is a bit much for my taste. The man’s mind is running on nothing but stereotypes and that is never good. Just sayin’.

    1. Chad Dundas says:

      Huh. Well, it’s possible “paramilitary” wasn’t exactly the word I was looking for in that instance, but isn’t BOPE a special forces unit that is controlled by the police, not the military? That’s the only thing I meant to imply, certainly nothing insulting.

      1. terance says:

        Chad, don’t listen to that nonsense comment. You guys are the funniest MMA radio guys by far. always laughing my ass off. Political correctness is for offices and bureaucrats. I love the way you describe things and yes, paramilitary is a good way to describe Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais.

        1. John Callaghan says:

          Chad is not insulting. At all. If you want to hear podcasters set a new benchmark in rude and insulting go listen to any of the Sherdog radio shows. The combination of stupid and mean is jaw-dropping, for both the hosts and the audience members who call in. One reason I love the Co-Main event podcast is the level of intelligent discourse and the complete lack of any need for the hosts to be an assholes
          . And they are funny. Keep up the great work guys.

          1. terance says:

            nicely put and agreed. I don’t love the Sherdog guys, but Jack Encarnacao is a real pro!!! and Sherdoggy Sherwood is cool. But Breen and de Santis think they are too cool. CoMain is the gold standard though!

          2. Hank says:

            Thank you!

            The CME is way more classy compared to most of the podcasts out there, Sherdog is particularly offensive, not entertaining nor knowledgeable.

            The Sherdog is comprised of a bunch of losers who THINK they are funny and insightful while in fact they are the complete opposite, Jack Encarnacao is the only professional in that gang of buffoons, listening to Breen or de Santis droning on and on is like getting your teeth yanked without anesthetics.

          3. John Callaghan says:

            Amen to that.

    2. MarcustheMonkey says:

      This guy is clearly a Ben Fowlkes shill. Fuck em.

    3. Warren says:

      You are an idiot…if you are getting offended by the CME stop listening…I have been a fan since day 1. i dont always agree with them but certainly dont get offended. I find them hilarious actually.

  2. Alex says:

    Also, this week’s music kicked ass

  3. Hank says:

    not related to anything discussed, but just want to rant a bit.

    “Thriller?”, Brett Okamoto from ESPN sure uses that word loosely, AYFKM?

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