Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 84 (12/30/13)

pod_dThe Co-Main Event Podcast prepares to ring in 2014 this week with the first ever installment of CME: After Dark. What’s that mean, you ask? Eh, just that Ben and Chad had to record a couple hours later than normal, it was actually dark outside and they cracked open a couple of the Xmas beers they received in the mail from Danny Downes. So if you feel like this week’s podcast is, I don’t know, sexier than normal, that’s why. With UFC 168 ending in Anderson Silva’s horrible leg injury and Ronda Rousey’s triumph last Saturday night, the MMA talk comes fast and loose. After properly dispensing with event-related talk, the guys look back on 2013 and ahead to the new year, as Ben totally hijacks round three and talks about TRT or something for like seven minutes. So, sorry about that.

All that, plus AYFKM (of the year!) and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

Direct downloaders can dedicate this one to the blue collar workers in the cheap seats right here.

15 comments on Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 84 (12/30/13)

  1. Hank says:

    YES! The episode I’ve been waiting for all year! Thanks guys!

  2. Joe says:

    Again with the Vitor hate?? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!

    1. Hank says:

      Vitor makes it so easy for us to hate on him, just saying…

  3. Markymark says:

    YES! just come from new years eve and podcast is ready. DAmn.. silva leg not back

    1. Hank says:

      LOL! Good one, it not back alright…

  4. Sean says:

    I was wondering if you guys had time to post all of the beers and their mma equivalents, that would be fun to read.

    1. Hank says:

      I’ll start:

      Coors – Brock Lesnar
      Corona – Diego Sanchez
      MGD – Chris Weidman
      Bud – Chael Sonnen

  5. Jeremy Thompson says:

    Two things: 1) I totally agree with Chad’s prediction for the year end main event – I’ve been thinking the exact same thing. 2) Bravo on the use of the exclamation “BOOSH!”

  6. David Baker says:

    Great podcast. However, did one of the host really imply that religion isn’t compatible with combat sports? I briefly felt like I was at a Republican Party meeting in Arizona in 1998. I’ve never heard of a football player being criticized for thanking God for a touchdown, even if he injured a defensive back on his way getting to the end zone.

  7. Phace says:

    The first fight was nothing like the second fight as you were trying to say. The first win was a combination of carelessness on Anderson’s part and extreme focus on Chris’s part. The 2nd win was impressive on Chris’s part for his timing and strategy. I don’t think Anderson would have expected that from Chris(a fighter with a wrestling base) and I would also factor in that Anderson came back too soon from suffering his 1st MMA concussion. When something like that happens one should take more time(getting rocked in the 1st round was definitely related). All in all the 2nd win was attributed to skill and the 1st more on circumstance. 2 totally different fights that looked nothing alike. Had Anderson been focused the 1st fight the way he was in fight 2 I highly doubt any of this would have happened(Silva would have won fight 1 and there would be no part 2). Chris improved from fight 1 to 2 and Anderson deteriorated from fight 1 to 2 based on my observation. I respectfully disagree with your commentary on this one.

    1. Hank says:

      I personally think Chris Weidman blew Silva out of the water BOTH fights.

      Silva clowned around the 1st fight like he ALWAYS did, who’s to say he wasn’t focused then? It had been part of his “strategy” for quite some time to mask his decline.

      As for the 2nd fight? Boom, there it is! A well-timed and well-trained leg check broke the lesser fighter, simple as that.

      1. Phace says:

        If you watch his other fights where he successfully “clowned around” take note of his stance and his method. In the Weidman fight he threw it all out the window. He’s NEVER gone that far before. Weidman couldn’t take Silva down and he looked winded. Had Silva not BSed around he could have EASILY disposed of him that fight. However, we’ll never know because of that tragic mistake. You all can try saying “oh, that’s how he fights” all you want but if you truly look at the technicalities and how he truly fights(when he’s showboating) you’ll realize he totally disregarded Weidman in fight one and fought more careless than ever. As for the second fight I wouldn’t say the “lesser fighter” at all. A better fighter that night in Weidman I can accept but better fighter overall? Not by a long shot. I won’t retype what I typed in my first message but refer back to it if anything. To a trained eye it looks different.

        Nonetheless Weidman has his hands full with Vitor. However, for some reason I think he’ll be fighting Machida next(injuries). Stay tuned……

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