Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 83 (12/20/13)

pod_dSurprise! Just because the Co-Main Event Podcast wants you fools to have a very happy holiday (and because Chad has to go out of town next week) Dundas and Fowlkes got together to record episode 83 a little early. And why not? It’s not like recording it on Friday rather than the following Monday meant they were going to miss any big news, right? Oh God, they hope they don’t miss any big news. Anyway, the show was going to be full of content no matter what, with UFC 168 on tap this weekend and Chris Weidman defending his middleweight title against Anderson Silva. Here’s hoping that sentence still feels as backward to read as it does to type. Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate are going to go at it at that same event as well, which will provide a nice aperitif to the main event. Oh yeah, and also Bigfoot Silva got popped for elevated levels of testosterone, thereby ruining one of the best fights of the year.

Not to paraphrase Boyz N the Hood or anything, but can’t we have one night without nobody testing positive?

Direct download types and can accuse a doctor of overdosing them with testosterone right here.

12 comments on Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 83 (12/20/13)

  1. Adrian Sol says:

    Fuck yeah! You guys are the best. I didn’t expect a CME this week, but not only did we get it early, it came with Ben singing. I was hoping Sir Nigel would show up… I’m assuming that whatever he was doing instead involved an elf suit and bourbon.

    Happy holidays guys!

  2. Corey Brockamp says:

    I’m staying in on a saturday night due to the flu I caught and fired up the lapper to listen to an old CME and found this jem. Xmas come early. Thanks fellas , and happy fucking quanza.

  3. James in Detroit says:

    Santa ain’t got nothin on you guys. thanks for the suprise cme!

  4. Joe says:

    Listen to this pretty much every week but getting really tired of the Vitor hate. I’m not a fan at all of TRT and would really like to see it banned but it isn’t and Vitor isn’t breaking any rules and hasn’t tested for any elevated levels.

    That aside you guys act like Vitor is the only fighter on TRT. You fail to rip into the likes of Ben Rothwell, Chael Sonnen, Frank Mir, Hendo, Duffee, Marquardt etc because they are Amercian and they also suck. Vitor is fucking AMAZING!! You guys give him the hate because he’s better than the others?? That’s not right.

    Vitor Belfort is 2013 fighter of the year. TRT or not.

  5. Hank says:

    Thanks for the early present! You guys seriously rock! Merry Xmas!

  6. Hank says:

    I disagree with Ben and Chad on Chris Weidman, I do think he’s marketable (way more marketable than our current UFC heavyweight champ) and that he will become a legit star sooner rather than later, he carries himself very well under the lime light these past few months, and he’s just gonna get better as time goes on.

  7. Hank says:

    Yeah, I got a funny feeling about this Rousey vs Tate fight, the MMA gods are not to be mocked….

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