Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 81 (12/9/13)

New logo 81One show on the Fox family of networks down, another one coming this weekend. Episode 81 of the Co-Main Event Podcast finds Ben and Chad reveling in the unexpected glory of Mark Hunt’s slugfest with Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva last Saturday on Fox Sports 1. Twas that rare heavyweight fight that goes a full five rounds, while seemingly getting better at every step along the way. In addition to that, they inspect Mauricio “Shogun” Rua’s revitalizing knockout of James Te Huna, wondering aloud if the “old Shogun” could truly be “back.” With the time remaining, they look forward to next Saturday’s card on Fox Heavy, where Team Alpha Male sends everybody on the roster into the fray.

All that plus MasterTweet Theatre, AYFKM and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

Direct downloaders can boo referee Steve Perceval, right here.

12 comments on Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 81 (12/9/13)

  1. danno says:

    How much does Ben love the Simpsons?

  2. St.Pauli.Nottz says:

    The Yoga instructor on TUF China still seems that he might be semi final material judging by the quality of his peers. The realization of this plastered across Cung Le’s face is the best part of a pretty half assed episode. The Canadian to win it overall by a country mile!!

  3. Rob says:

    I had no idea Old Man Dundas was such a prude. Ben just uses the term “oral” and Chad just starts getting the vapors. Good stuff.

  4. Anderson Rory says:

    100% agree with you about this new online digital platform channel nonsense bollocks shit.

    No way will I be subscribing to such a pile of pish. The Zuffa mafia must think all of our pockets are endlessly deep ??? I’m in Scotland and subscribe to BT Sport, who recently embarked on a new, meant to be long-term partnership with the UFC to broadcast it’s content in the United Kingdom. Then, only a matter of months into this new contract, they are now hitting us with the news that we’ll not be getting to see the Gustafsson vs Manuwa fight on March 3rd in London. I must remind folds that this is not a meaningless fight. This fight has major implications at the very top of the UFC Light-Heavyweight division with Alexander Gustaffson guaranteed the rematch with Jon Jones presuming they are both victorious in their next upcoming fights.

    To say I’m unhappy and disappointed with this development would be a candidate for understatement of the year. Furthermore, I know for a fact that all the other British UFC fans who subscribed to BT Sport on the promise that it was as their slogan “The Home of the UFC” implies, will feel exactly the same. So, putting the Gustafsson vs Manuwa card on this new smelly piece ‘a shit digital, internet channel platform nonsense.


    I will be monitoring this situation extremely closely over the next period, and if I feel in my gut that we’re being mugged off, I’ll be off.

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