Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 71 (9/30/13)

New logo 71Plenty of news and notes to discuss this week on the Co-Main Event Podcast and not all of it jolly. On Episode 71, Ben and Chad spend the bulk of the time sorting out happenings that range from unsavory to simply unsatisfying. There is Yushin Okami’s recent release from the UFC to consider, along with news that the rematch we all expected/wanted between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson isn’t going to happen as quickly as it first appeared. The biggest bummer of all, though, is the death of a Brazilian flyweight last Thursday just prior to the weigh-ins for a Shooto event in Rio. All that stuff gets discussed in more or less excruciating detail, as does Sir Nigel Longstock’s current illness, which the world’s leading theatricalist blames on Ben’s baby daughter.

All that, plus AYFKM, MasterTweet Theatre and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

Direct downloaders can catch a cold from an infant right here.


14 comments on Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 71 (9/30/13)

  1. Handsome Pat says:

    Luke Thomas said I was a bad person for watching illegally distributed PPVs

    1. Damien says:

      Luke Thomas also hates on people, who call themselve MMA-fans, but dont watch every single MMA/BJJ/Wrestling event. He doesnt seem to get the difference between him and people who aren’t working as freaking sports journalists.

  2. danno says:

    Drew McFedries also holds the record for most bungalows thrown per minute.
    And did I hear Sir Nigel say ‘Bathos’ was the guy who killed superman? I’m not a DC guy but I’m pretty sure that was Doomsday.

  3. Ryan says:

    Is it just as bad to pirate a copy several days later? I buy several events a year, always direct from the UFC.Tv site which I assume means UFC is getting a bigger cut and not sharing with the cable companies. I also tend to sometimes pick them up on the “DL” as it were…

  4. Adrian Sol says:

    The CME just isn’t the same without Swedish hardcore between rounds. JUST. SAYIN’.

    I’ve never paid for a UFC event. But if I ever see Dana White living in a cardboard box after his gambling addiction spirals out of control, I promise to give him money for food (AKA BOOZE) as well as a stern lecture on the pussies in this country who cry about everything.

    1. Handsome Pat says:

      fuck that I want big tittie and the kids

  5. Anonymous says:

    Fuck that guy that says he’s never paid for a PPV. You really think that the UFC would still exist if only fans like you existed? Asshole. Fine – maybe I should be done paying for PPVs as well. Then we’ll see how well fighters get paid like fans like you are screaming to no end about. Bitches complaign about all this stupid shit regarding the UFC, yet the worst part of the whole sport is fans like you.

    1. CJ says:

      Fuck that guy that says fuck that guy who says he doesn’t pay for ppv. That is all

  6. Nolan says:

    Tips for the well rounded podcast:

    Keep that in between round music and go back to the old, MUCH better, intro music!

  7. John Callaghan says:

    So when you download a PPV illegally do have to watch it on your computer? If so, it sounds horrible. Watching that much of anything on a computer has to really suck ass.

    1. Joakim Kalantari says:

      It’s not difficult to connect the computer to the tv. Sure, the remote doesn’t “work”, but it’s tolerable. Personally, I prefer HD on/from the computer to SD from TV.

      1. John Callaghan says:

        Oh. Okay. Thanks for clarifying.

  8. jason says:

    Weight cutting subverts weight classes and the reasons why we have them. We want to see equally sized fighters display their talent. At best, weight cutting creates a prisoner’s dilemma in which all fighters are forced to sacrifice their health, only to end up equal weight anyway.

    The biggest obstacle is not enforcing it, but adding 15 pounds to every class and/or rearranging fighters.

    To enforce it, have fighters weigh-in 1 time a day for 3 days before the fight. This is superior to a single early weigh-in (which gives time to rehydrate) and a same-day weigh-in (which would prevent most weight cuts but greatly endanger a few idiots who try to fight dehydrated anyway).

    1. MMArs says:

      If you have three weigh-ins, the Gleison Tibaus of the world are gonna cut weight three times and detrimental health effects will multiply like nobody’s business. Weight cuttings is part of wrestling, it’s gonna be part of MMA – live with it.

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