Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 70 (9/23/13)

New logo 42There was so much awesomeness to go around in Jon Jones’ UFC 165 win over Alexander Gustafsson that Ben and Chad thought something special was in order for episode 70 of the Co-Main Event Podcast. Unfortunately, they were both too tired to think about it for long, so in the end they just decided to commit all three rounds to that one fight. Don’t fret, the guys still found some time to discuss the fortunes of Renan “The Monster” Barao, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Brendan Schaub. That one fight, though, that was a doozy.

All that, plus AYFKM and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

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8 comments on Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 70 (9/23/13)

  1. danno says:

    The UFC marketing team is already hard at work creating the poster for the rematch: Gustafsson’s chin running on a treadmill.

  2. Jeff says:

    Some parts of the Jon Jones lovefest bothered me. First Chad says he’s not the same guy as Anderson, and he’ll be better coming back and train hard in which you don’t think Anderson will. Guy loses one fight and now he’s lazy and unmotivated, and basically putting him down. Then Ben goes on to say Jones dosen’t crumble like Brock, Jones wasn’t getting hit by Overeem or Cain Velasquez. Did you forget the Shane Carwin fight? I

    1. Chad Dundas says:

      Not exactly what I said (or meant) about Anderson Silva. Never said he’s lazy or unmotivated. The only thing I said was that I don’t think Silva’s identity is quite as wrapped up in being the “champion” or being the “best” as Jones’ view of himself obviously is. My comment wasn’t a put down about Silva (the greatest MMA fighter of all time), but rather just my own observation about his mindset, his motivation and where he is in his career as opposed to Jones.

  3. Mike Paladino says:

    great podcast, as always.

  4. KITTY MC CUTIE says:


  5. RJ says:

    Where is mastertweet theater?! We need the Nigel!

  6. Handsome Pat says:

    I hate when there are arguments in the MMA-sphere about how the fight should have been scored. The discussion should be about the scores of the judges and if they are arguably and in the least defend-able. In the case of UFC 165’s main event. The scores are all arguable. (even the 49-46) and this is one of the times we can be satisfied with the judges’ performance.

  7. vinny says:

    Just wanted to make it clear that I was not comparing the beards of Michael Chiesa, Roy Nelson or Pat Healy.

    Having said that, thanks for putting my question on the podcast, Chad. Now I can die.

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