Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 59 (7/9/13)

New logo 42Don’t know if you guys heard, but UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva (who has long been regarded as pretty good at fighting) lost the title to Chris Weidman this weekend at UFC 162. It was sort of an upset and that makes episode 59 of the Co-Main Event Podcast a pretty big one. Ben and Chad take a fairly indepth look at the fight itself, including the many machinations of public opinion in the wake of Weidman’s second round victory. They also contemplate the future of the 185-pound division and exactly how much of the UFC’s future planning went up in smoke at the moment the challenger landed that left hook to the champion’s jaw. In middleweight news of another kind, the guys also wonder about the future of longtime fan favorite Chris Leben, whose career appeared on thin ice after his own loss to Andrew Craig.

All that, plus the return of Sir Nigel Longstock and MasterTweet Theatre, AYFKM and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

Sounds: This week’s music is provided by podcast listener Matthew Kraig and his outfit Minus Music. Y’all can download their EP for free (for free!) at

Direct downloaders can get their damn dirty hands on the show right here.


17 comments on Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 59 (7/9/13)

  1. Blackmarke7 says:

    ‘Direct downloaders can (get) their damn dirty hands on the show right here.’

    1. Chad Dundas says:

      Quite right. Thanks. Fixed.

  2. Hank says:

    Oh shit! Can’t wait to get into this one, thanks guys!

  3. danno says:

    Damn guys, GSP doesn’t even get an honorable mention for greatest of all time? Not even one of those green participation ribbons? He’s 11-2 in UFC title fights and Silva is 12-1 now(if you count the lutter fight). Is he losing on style points or would you prefer that he interspersed those title defenses with a few trips up to middleweight to take on the likes of Filthy Tom Lawlor or Nick “The Promise” Ring or “Short Fuse” Herman?

  4. Frank says:

    his nickname can’t be “the promise”

  5. Danny Boy Downes says:

    Another CME, another example of the “alleged” Ben Fowlkes misogyny. For someone who often criticizes other members of the media, it’s amazing how quickly he’ll drop to the lowest common denominator and sell sex. It’s sad that MMA Junkie is so hard up for the page views that they can’t put anything of substance on the website. While it is nice to know that Chad Dundas has the decency to act like a progressive 21st century male, he should call his co host out accordingly. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem Dundas.

    Also, it was hilarious to hear Fowlkes criticize a listener for name dropping. Having a glass house in Montana must be terribly expensive to insulate…

    Yours in truth,

    Danny Boy Downes

    1. Max de Vries says:

      I have to second all of the above. Both myyself and the Unrine tasting monkey felt slighted. It will take time to recover from this, and I do not think we will be going for another title run. Even though we still have ten questions on our contract.

  6. Max de Vries says:

    Excellent spelling De Vries. Way to score one for the foreigners here.

  7. James in Detroit says:

    Got to have the rematch. Just like in Rocky III when Balboa got knocked out by old Clubber Lang because he was too caught up in being the champ. Now Silva has to get back to old school training and running on the beach in Brazil. I just wonder who is going to be Silva’s Apollo Creed. Maybe he goes all Chute box style

    1. astroboy3000 says:

      This. Yes.

  8. Vovchanchyn Check says:

    Digging the music this week.

    1. Chad Dundas says:

      Me too. Minus Music is doing some cool stuff.

  9. Just Tweed says:

    Chad, I’m not really sure you thought the hubris/Anderson-beat-himself thing through properly.
    Even if you stipulate that Anderson went in there with a Forrest/Bonnar gameplan, and executed it perfectly (which he didn’t, he was being sloppy, exaggerated, and half-hearted), isn’t having such a game plan against a legit contender the very definition of hubris?
    It’s not really even a good gameplan against a Forrest or Bonnar, because it’s not like he needed to goad either of them (at least not to the extent that he did). It put him at greater risk, just that against them he could get away with it, wanted to put on a show, and/or wanted to test himself.
    No, Weidman did an excellent job at exploiting Andersons hubris, but make no mistake, hubris it was.

    Other than that, good show. 😉

    1. Chad Dundas says:

      I don’t think I ever said it wasn’t hubris. It obviously was. The point I was trying to make was that, hubris or no, that was Silva’s game plan and Weidman foiled it in a way none of Silva’s previous opponents could manage. To me, that speaks to a good performance from Weidman, and it bothered me that in the initial reactions after the fight, few people seemed willing to concede him even that much.

      Did hubris cost Silva the fight? Other people might say yes, but I say no. I say Chris Weidman cost Silva the fight.

      1. Just Tweed says:

        Fair enough.
        The issue isn’t that black or white though (pun intended).
        Weidman obviously had something to do with the result, but the question at hand is – how much? I think hubris, and the performance Silva displayed because of it, was the primary reason he lost. At least in the way that he did.
        Could he have lost otherwise? Obviously. Weidman could have won it in the first round if he didn’t try going for that footlock, for instance.
        But with that ending sequence, where he looked more like someones drunk dad challenging people to punch him in the face while trying to limbo/do the inflatable flailing man defense, he pretty much gave the fight to Weidman.
        Which is unfortunate, because it puts an asterix on Weidmans win in mine (and many others) eyes.
        Kudos to Weidman for not falling for the head games, and being a competent enough striker to take advantage of Silvas tomfoolery.
        That’s about all the credit I can give him, though.
        But better that he beat Silva than say, Bisping. 😀

        1. Chad Dundas says:

          I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree, though I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that your above answer has infuriated me all over again.

          1. Just Tweed says:

            Well, at least then I accomplished something. 😀
            Seeing how infuriated I have been reading forum posts with things like “Silva fights EXACTLY like that all the time”, etc.
            At least we can agree on that the internet is bad for your cardiovascular health.

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