Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 55 (6/11/13)

New logo 55Well, the Co-Main Event Podcast will never do that again. At least, we hope not. The CME unveils its Unofficial Drinking Game this week with Ben, Chad and Sir Nigel spending the hour trying to drink up the Internet beer they were bequeathed by listener Claire Hammond. Was it a “success”? Perhaps if you consider the podcast essentially devolving into 74 minutes of Just Sayin’ Stuff then, yeah, it was a huge success. On the docket for episode 55 are Fabricio Werdum’s big win over Roddy Nog from last weekend’s UFC on FuelTV event, former UFC stars like Jon Fitch and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson making news and a “preview” of sorts of next week’s UFC 161. The guys would love to tell you how it went, but they’re not sure they “remember” the “whole thing.”

We’re pretty sure there is some AYFKM, MasterTweet Theatre and Just Sayin’ Stuff, though.

Sounds: The music for this week’s show comes from singer/songwriter/podcast listener Chris Newman, and his tracks can be downloaded for free at:

Direct downloaders can stumble up and do the deed right here.



13 comments on Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 55 (6/11/13)

  1. Leslie says:

    This is just the best episode ever. I am having a great time laughing with you.

  2. B. Mills says:

    i only have whisky… here i go!

  3. 7DZ says:

    How many times did that motherfucker ring the bell y’all?

  4. Adrian Sol says:

    Just got through Master Tweet Theatre drinking game. That’s about all the podcasting I can handle today… hashtag ding! [hiccups]

  5. josh crain says:

    this entire podcast ended up devolving into one long (sad?) round of ‘just sayin stuff’

  6. Jeremy Sexton says:

    Trump tight is indeed an expression. It’s a card game thing, spades and perhaps hearts.

  7. Joel P. says:

    This was absolutely epic! Tuesday morning hangovers FTW!

  8. Marius says:

    Ben at the very end….when the music is already playing “Fuck it, I’m taking my shirt off now” fucking hilarious

  9. Gonzo says:

    Best show ever guys.

  10. Eric Murphy says:

    What website did this internet beer come from?

  11. Big says:

    I listen to the podcast during work….this was not enjoyable by the end. Why they do that?

  12. John Callaghan says:

    Good thing the show only ran one hour. If it had gone much longer Chad and Ben may have declared their love for each other. I thought considering the circumstances, the show went quite well. It’s the first time Sir Nigel was the most sensible sounding man in the room.

  13. Jerry says:

    I’d like to say that I happen to thoroughly enjoy Sir Nigel’s Bisping impression….I hope to hear more of it in the future. Make it happen CME!

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