Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 54 (6/4/13)

New logo 54The groovy, spaced-out beach vibe that accompanies episode 54 of the Co-Main Event Podcast is due largely to the show’s featured music, which comes to us from a CME listener’s surf rock band called – get this – The Testostertones. If you close your eyes, it’ll be almost like you’re right there with Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello as they have the time of their lives during that crazy summer of ’65. Except, you know, that Ben and Chad are there harshing everybody’s mellows by talking about MMA the whole time. This week the dudes take on the game of mixed martial musical chairs going on over the UFC 161 card, the sudden insertion of Miesha Tate (and the other half of Caratate) opposite Ronda Rousey on the upcoming season of “The Ultimate Fighter” and the overall newsworthiness of this weekend’s UFC on FuelTV 10 event.

Plus, Tips for the Well-Rounded Fight Fan, AYFKM and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

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12 comments on Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 54 (6/4/13)

  1. @dneighbor says:

    +10 points for the Marlo Stanfield reference.

  2. Marius says:

    you guys should do a Ben vs Chad debate on one episode where you debate a controversial MMA topic (please not TRT or Fallon Fox). Obviously you would have Sir Nigel introduce you both Buffer style before the debate starts. In the left corner….weighing in at 250 lbs….debating out of Muzula Montana…… Chad “Been there, done that” Dundas!!!!! and in the right corner….weighing in at 97lbs….debating out of Muzula Montana……Ben “Freestyler” Fowlkes!!!!!!!

    Let me know what you think……

    1. Spencer says:

      I like that idea. Maybe pick a topic or a few topics before recording that you guys disagree on, and battle it out intellectually.

    2. Handsome Pat Fannin says:

      Ben “all buisness” Fowlkes

  3. walter viveiros says:

    C’mon guys…. besides Shawn Mccorcal, Baronni and Dan Hardy, there has to be more fighters twitting out there. Master Twit theatre is cool, but widen your horizons a bit. By the way Great Show!

  4. jesse m says:

    Great episode as always fellas. Especially the spongebob sountrack playong in between rounds

  5. agentsmith says:

    For the drinking game: whenever Chad mentions a “Sunday lifestyle piece” by Ben, finish your drink.

  6. Dirty Don P says:

    There can be only one.

    The only acceptable name for MMA’s mega-couple is ‘Briesha’.

  7. James says:

    I switched it up and I play the CoMainEvent smoke along game. cheers

    1. Handsome Pat Fannin says:

      what I will be doing

  8. Eli says:

    CME drinking game: Every time Ben/Chad struggle to pronounce a name, take a drink.

  9. John Callaghan says:

    I feel for George. I had a girlfriend who told me that on paper I was horrible but in practice I wasn’t sooo bad. It turns out we didn’t stay togather long. Go figure. I’m not sure which is worse: What George was told or what I was told?

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