Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 52 (5/21/13)

New logo 52Not going to lie to you, episode 52 of the Co-Main Event Podcast contains a lot of talk about testosterone replacement therapy. But you knew that already, right? After Vitor Belfort knocked out Luke Rockhold with an amazing spinning kick on Saturday at UFC on FX 8 and the internets exploded with TRT-induced vitriol, it didn’t take a genius to figure out the dominant topic of the week. Ben and Chad do their duty, strapping up and hurling themselves headlong into the sludge, taking on such questions as: How will the UFC handle Belfort’s supposed No. 1 contender status? Does the Young Dinosaur deserve more/less/equal criticism as other TRT-tastic dudes like Chael Sonnen and Dan Henderson? And what can CME fans do to help? When the testosterone talk subsides, they also discuss Cain Velasquez’s upcoming UFC 160 fight against Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva as well as Mark Hunt’s scrap with Junior dos Santos.

All that, plus AYFKM, Just Sayin’ Stuff and listener mail.

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15 comments on Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 52 (5/21/13)

  1. Danny Boy Downes says:

    Well, the alleged Ben Fowlkes has gone another CME without addressing the charges against him. Now I know that many loyal listeners are upset with the continued dishonesty from the host, but don’t worry. The alleged Mr. Fowlkes may be able to ignore my entreaties, but if current events are any indication, he will not be able to avoid the Justice Department. The not quite a gentleman from Montana will soon lose his fight against virtue. This fourberie shall not last!

    Secondly, “you know who,” has forced me to add two other titles to my already impressive resumé — Arbiter of Login and Defender of Logic. The alleged Ben Fowlkes certainly does lack honesty, but I never would have thought he also suffers from cognitive dissonance. In the same episode where he chastises Nate Diaz for his Twitter etiquette, he calls reporters that would refuse to ask Vitor Belfort about TRT, “pussies.” Don’t worry everyone, Gloria Steinem has been notified.

    Yours in truth,

    Daniel W. Downes Esq.

  2. danno says:

    Ben said that synthetic testosterone is a steroid, while the testosterone you produce in your body is a hormone. To clarify, there is no difference between the two other than source. The testosterone you produce naturally is a steroid hormone. Testosterone is part of the androgen class of steroid hormones produced naturally by the body. The reason the TRT has transformed him from the athletic looking guy who fought anderson silva two years ago to the veiny, uber-ripped dragonball Z character you see today is most likely due to him taking supratherapeutic doses, and not to any differences in structure or formula between the stuff he produces naturally and the stuff he injects into himself.

    1. Danny Boy Downes says:

      Boom! Science.

    2. mxyzptlk says:

      All this androgen will just make him androgyn… ous.

  3. Benny Bunyon says:

    Chael failed a drug test and was given a tue for trt by the nsac.

  4. Drew B. says:

    Another great episode, guys. I’ve been listening for awhile, and can easily say that this is the best all-around MMA podcast out there. There are other alternatives if you want to hear from fighters, but those episodes are hours long, and the hosts aren’t nearly as entertaining. Your 3-round format and hilarious banter is reminiscent of my own personal debates and conversation with my friends, but from a far more educated and and eloquent source.

    Please keep up the good work. I listen to a lot of podcasts, and yours always gets listened to as soon as it releases.

    Also, awhile back I emailed the show about how great I thought it was, and said that I was also a big fan of Ben’s contributions to MMAJunkie. Chad kindly responded, but I felt bad that I complimented Ben’s prose without mentioning Old Man Dundas. Please accept my apologies, sir. I’m a rare breed who hates most all sports, so traveling to doesn’t really do anything for me when all I watch is MMA. It’s really the best sport for someone with terrible ADD.

    One question to finish things off: If you were both Pride FC fighters back in its juiced-up heyday, what would have been your entrance music?


  5. Ben Fowlkes says:

    Now I’ve got a real, actual log in on my own podcast website, so let me say 1) I think Danny Downes has been hacked, the poor guy, and 2) You’re right about the testosterone thing Danno, in that it is the “exogenous” nature of it that classifies it as a steroid. Point is, dudes on TRT (isn’t that a pleasantly Orwellian way of minimizing it?) are straight-up injecting steroids. And we’re letting them! And then trying to claim later that their steroid regimen didn’t help them win!!! It’s madness!!!!

    Also, Sonnen tested positive for a high T/E ratio, because he was on TRT without permission (though he claimed that he did have some kind of secret, off-the-books permission, whatever). I’m not saying he should get a TUE because of it — I don’t think there should be TUEs for testosterone in MMA, like, at all — but it’s at least a little different than Belfort’s failed drug test for a kind of steroid that is never legal.

    That is all. Thank you all for listening. Oh, and would someone please beat up the guy who hacked Danny Downes? Please? Thanks.

    1. Danny Boy Downes says:

      The alleged Ben Fowlkes has once again avoided the tough questions. If this were truly a hacked account, my correspondence would contain homophobic and/or misogynistic comments. You know, the kind with vulgar terms for parts of the female anatomy. The types of things, “Mr. Fowlkes,” might say in a weekly podcast. We should demand an apology, but we know that he’s too cowardly to respond. Maybe in a couple days we’ll hear from Mike Kogan about how, “pussies,” is just a local Missoula term.

      Yours in truth,

      Daniel W. Downes Esq.

  6. Handsome Pat Fannin says:

    Regarding Mike Cheisa saying Vitor was going to lick their feet in 5050 guard was because of that video of Vitor licking a womans feet. Google “vitor belfort feet”

    Also vitor’s “talk to the hand” was marred by the incorrect handsignal that destroys the meaning, because the outward stretched palm supersedes the “dont talk the hand” moniker

  7. Nics says:

    I love you guys but have one thing to say – you shouldn’t make fun of the way Big Foot Silva talks, as I’m sure he wouldn’t mock you for slaughtering Portuguese every chance you get!

  8. Joel P says:

    Liked Chad’s suggestion (another winner btw) of getting in touch with the powers that be in the MMA/UFC world about this TRT issue (situation?). As someone that has religiously followed the sport since the early 2000s I hate having a sense of skepticism (cynicism, lol) every time a fighter shows up with a much shredded physique at the weigh-ins. I mean is ‘Thank You Jesus’ code name for some local testosterone supplement or am I missing something here? So much for the “if you are using testosterone replacement therapy, get ready motherfuckers because we’re going to test the shit out of you” eh?

    So I am going to draft an email to send over to the UFC. I can only hope they would understand where I am coming from and with enough people sending in their messages (emails, tweets) it might give the UFC a real incentive to have a formal stance in this matter and hopefully put a stop to giving fights to fighters with TUEs for TRT.

    On a side note, how about all this talk about Rockhold giving Belfort a nod before the knockout… lots of talk that Luke took a dive in the fight. Personally don’t buy it but it’s interesting to see how many people on Twitter talking about it.
    – @joel_pereira

  9. Kevin says:

    Ok we watch a sport where two dudes hit and kick each other in the head as hard as they can; then we get outraged when one guy does something that gives him an advantage that allows him to punch and kick harder than the other guy … does that seem stupid/hypocritical to anyone else? Before all this TRT bullshit there were still tons of guys using steroids but there was no public outcry about stricter testing or anything. The difference is now we know who’s on it

    1. Joel P. says:

      Kevin, you dilute the essence of martial arts by saying that it’s okay to use any means necessary to get better. Yes, combat sports is different in dynamic to other sports but what about those that have dedicated themselves to the arts and have put in endless hours to get to an elite level? What about those that are on the receiving end of some horrific knockouts at the hands of known TRT users (abusers) and are at a risk of further injury?

      It’s also unfair to bring up the sport’s past. MMA (and the UFC) has evolved from its grassroots beginnings and with the need for regulation, fighter safety is paramount. There’s more insight into the long-term effects of steroids and with that added regulations.

      1. Kevin says:

        I get what you’re saying but what about the horrific knockouts delivered by fighters NOT on TRT? How can we say we want to see fighters kick and punch each other in the head as hard as they can, as long as it’s done the safest way possible? Isn’t that a little strange? The “essence” of martial arts you speak of doesn’t exist; it’s a perceived concept that varies depending on who you ask. Isn’t the entire concept of fighting to incapacitate somebody the most efficient way possible? I personally do not see MMA as a sport; it’s not a competition to see who has better skills; it’s to showcase the skills themselves. Just because a guy beats another guy doesn’t mean he’s better; it means he did the right move(s) at the right time(s). And just because a guy wins a decision (game) doesn’t mean he lost the fight (reality). Fighters make a conscious choice to get in the cage risking serious injury; TRT or not. If they suspect or know someone is on TRT they don’t have to fight them if they don’t want to.

  10. Eric Shen says:

    One of your better episodes, imo–I actually guffawed a few times.

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