Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 51 (5/14/13)

New logo 51So it turns out some a-hole has been impersonating Ben Fowlkes on the internets, huh? The introduction to episode 51 of the Co-Main Event Podcast is highlighted by Ben and Chad discussing the story of his reverse catfishing, which caused quite a stir over at and the UG early this week. Some of the burning questions that emerged from the ordeal: Just who is lame enough to do this? What could their incredibly lousy motives be? And why on earth would anyone who is not already Ben Fowlkes want to be Ben Fowlkes? There are no easy answers.

Once your dudes get around to the actual MMA talk, the upcoming UFC on FX 8 card takes center stage. Specifically, Ben and Chad break down the main event pitting Vitor Belfort against Luke Rockhold as well as the octagon debut of “Jacare” Souza. In the time left over, they squeeze in some talk of the “phantom agent” who allegedly offered Leonard Garcia a contract with Bellator this week and wonder aloud if it might be the same sorry son of a bitch who is also impersonating Ben.

All that, plus MasterTweet Theatre, AYFKM and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

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34 comments on Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 51 (5/14/13)

  1. justin keating says:

    How do i send in music that i recorded? I wrote some funky guitar jams for you boys to hopefully use at some point, don’t think i’ve heard any funk on the show yet.

    1. Chad Dundas says:

      Hey Justin, you can email us some songs at Using Mp3s generally works best for our needs.

  2. Danny Boy Downes says:

    I think the CME universe has been quick to dismiss this Ben Fowlkes CommentGate. I mean, who is the REAL Ben Fowlkes? Sure, he has interesting book choices and we all love how he denigrates Chad Dundas on a regular basis, but if we know anything about the gentleman from Montana, it’s that he’s filled with vitriol and disdain.

    Now, I’m not calling him a liar, I’m just saying that he’s dishonest. The universe deserves more than a dismissive pre listener mail banter. ASK QUESTIONS! The CME revolution will not be televised! VIVA LA PODCAST! You won’t get away with this Ben Fowlkes….if that is our real name.

    1. Danny Boy Downes says:

      Follow up.

      Per the alleged Ben Fowlkes Twitter:

      “I’ve always wanted to be at the center of a truther campaign. Maybe that’s why I killed all those…I’ve said too much.”

      The plot thickens.

    2. JD says:

      How are we to be sure this is even the REAL CME Podcast? After all, we learn of all this so-called reverse cat-fishing, and suddenly we’re being directed to a new URL, a new look, and even a brand new “email the podcast” link… I’m just sayin’!

      1. JD says:

        Errmmm… Why is this weird picture on my comment? Not only is that guy NOT me, but where would u even pull such a photo from?

        1. admin says:

          This is the Webmaster. I have looked at the profile image and it is from Gravatar and that image appears to be associated with your email address.
          Not sure how/why that has happened…

          1. JD says:

            Oops… Just noticed I forgot the number at the end of my email! I’m much uglier than the guy in that pic… Just saying! Thanks for the reply!

  3. Baltasar says:

    I think we are, in spirit, the Truthers we desire so much to one day become.
    So many questions surround this podcast: Are (Is?) Chad & Nigel the same person?; Are Ben Fowlkes and Ben Fole-keys the same person?; How did this podcast make it past 4 episodes?; and on and on and on…

    But the biggest question of all?
    When the frack is the next CME bookclub going to be, you communist bastards (Thanks, Pat, for the idea. You will always be the man who used the Mason’s defense against the bulldog choke. And like reality, it proved inadequate)?

    1. Josh says:

      “Are (Is?) Chad & Nigel the same person?;”

      I will forever think this until there is video evidence to prove it. In this episode it sounds like Chad is far from his mic after “Nigel” speaks a few times. And they never speak directly to each other.

      1. Chad Dundas says:

        No, I’m not Sir Nigel. For the last time, I am Ben Fowlkes.

        1. Ryan says:

          I think Sir Nigel is also Sir Combat blog.

          1. Eisenberg says:

            Im pretty sure Sir Nigel used to be the off camera guy called ”Dennis” in Ben Fowlkes post-UFC videos on mmafighting back in the day. Def not Chad Dundas, who im sure couldnt pull off a decent fake English accent.

          2. AS says:

            Yeah Sir Nigel is Dan Brooks, the Combat blog guy. They say his name in episode 2 before he reads listener mail.

  4. Lennay Kekua says:

    Hey Ben, call me.

  5. Saba says:

    I’ll be honest with you, I love his music. I do. I’m a Michael Bolton fan. For my money, I don’t know if it gets any better than when he sings “When a Man Loves a Woman”

    This sums up my love for the cme.

  6. Joakim Kalantari says:

    Long overdue and very welcome change. Hope you fellas start getting paid for this shit; and soon.
    Highly entertaining episode and a stellar looking new website.

  7. Ben Fowlkes says:

    I can’t do it right now, but I will address these allegations at a later date.

    1. I Am Spartifowlkes says:

      Aren’t we all a little Ben Fowlkes?

  8. Jason says:

    When is the CME gonna team up with Punch Buddies and release a Chad Dundas ‘Dinostore’ t-shirt?

  9. Since Chad is commenting, I guess I’ll break my own rules for the sake of the CME. And to tell the imitation Ben Fowlkes above that I have your info now. I’m coming for you, and hell’s coming with me.*

    *By hell I mean Chad.

    1. Danno says:

      I think the market for boat-related pornography has already been cornered by Captain Stabbin. Sorry Ben, it looks like you will just have to keep doing the CME podcast for the foreseeable future.

    2. Danny Boy Downes says:

      Pssh. A likely story. It’s amazing that the alleged Mr. Fowlkes appears to have more doubles than Saddam Hussein. He said he’d never be caught in internet comment sections, and what do you know? There he is.

      If he’s lying about something like this, what else is he lying about? His name (we still haven’t seen his long form birth certificate), wife, sources, the list goes on. Maybe all the name dropping he performs isn’t just a desperate cry for attention, THEY’RE ALL LIES (which, I suppose, are desperate cries for attention)!

      The fact of the matter is that we’re simply supposed to take the alleged Ben Fowlkes’ word with regards to CommentGate. If only it were so easy. What’s next? Are we supposed to take murderers words that they never killed their victims? Sound like a false analogy? I beg to differ. Ben Fowlkes is killing MMA journalism!

      Do you want another want another lifestyle piece in your MMA commentary? Can the alleged Ben Fowlkes be trusted to report on the sport you love? Does he even really practice jiu jitsu? Chad may call him the talent, but if you ask me, something smells FOWLkes.

  10. Mike Paladino says:

    Hey Chad and Ben. I’ve been listening to your podcast for a while now. It is both funny and insightful. You guys are doing a great job, Thanks!

  11. @dneighbor says:

    I’m sympathetic to the plight of Eddie Alvarez but like Mike Kogan pointed out Alvarez could have just sat out for a year and been free of the matching clause. It would certainly have hurt his negotiating leverage with both promotions but it would have kept him out of court. Bellator’s reputation among fighters was hurt more by Makovsky than the Alvarez ordeal. Makovsky made very modest pursues and was a former champion. If we take Rebney at his word and Makovsky was released not because of activity requirements in his contract but because Bellator was no longer interested that in itself is pretty cutthroat. If Michael Chandler loses twice he could be cut but he should stick with Bellator when his contract expires?

  12. James says:

    Hell ya its Tuesday, CME day! its all downhill from here

  13. John Callaghan says:

    Sorry to hear about someone impersonating Ben. I too would ask why? What is the motivation? It seems an odd activity with little reward.

    And I too would like to know if any progress is being made regarding the next book club. I really think this should be done fairly regularly and may be the niche that really puts this show above other podcasts. I am a fan of your show precisely because the level of discourse is elevated from so many other shows. I had tried to listen to another podcast that shall remain nameless and had to shut it off when the two hosts and a regular callerwere laughing about how ugly they thought Jon Jones girlfriend was. Calling her “horseface.” Really? What sad display of infantile school yard bullying displayed by three grown men who simply must have sad, sad, lives. I never worry about this kind of vitriole being displayed by Ben and Chad. Thanks guys and please let’s have a book club soon.

    1. Chad Dundas says:

      We’re definitely going to do another book club. Now that the new site is up and working (mostly) properly, we’ll be able to focus on stuff like that again. There are still a few online kinks to work out, but a second book club is on the agenda.

  14. BIGNATE870 says:

    Hey Fellas great show as usual big fan!!

    Just a question for Ben, where are you from b/c between your tweets and this podcast, I can tell you’ve been in a few hoods. Which is cool!!!

  15. Danny Boy Downes says:

    After another couple of days to reassess the current situation surrounding the alleged Mr. Fowlkes, I have come to a number of new revelations. Firstly, I refuse to rescind or apologize for my previous comments. Despite the attempts at character assassination by the gentleman from Montana (if that is indeed where he resides), I remain firm. Why? Because moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue at all.

    At the same time, I do have a new level of sympathy for the alleged Mr. Fowlkes. My investigations have uncovered some new information. “Ben,” as he like to be called, has claimed that he never reads the comments on his articles. But who is the only person more sensitive and egotistical than a fighter, chef or teenage girl? That’s right, a journalist. Why the alleged Mr. Fowlkes may want you to believe that he never looks at the comment thread, my anonymous source has told me otherwise. What does this have to do with the situation? Allow me to explain.

    “Ben,” puts in what he would call, “hard work.” His only reward for his endeavors, though, are comments such as:

    Ugh, when will MMAjunkie fire Ben? His lifestyle articles are [homophobic slur] than a bunch of [homophobic slur] [expletive] a gang of [expletive] [sub-human primates]!!!!!!!

    “Ben” reads such comments constantly and it hurts him. Over time, what he deems unfair criticism has caused him to act out in a number of ways.

    1) Showing up late to CME tapings and belittling his cohost to establish his “alpha” nature.
    2) Impregnating his wife as a way of showing his vitality.
    3) Similar to the US government, creating a false flag controversy using an impostor as a means of distraction and to garner compassion.

    Now “Ben,” we’ve all been there. Well, except for me. I am quite comfortable with my masculinity. Just come clean now and I’m sure the public will forgive you. This charade has gone on long enough.

    Yours in truth,

    Daniel W. Downes Esq.

  16. Pablito says:

    my world’s crumbling….whats real anymore.who is this benjamin fowlkes?im scared.winter is coming

  17. Rick says:

    am i the only one who caught Chad’s slick “like we always do about this time…” line, presumably in reference to Ben’s “The Chronic” tee? G-Funk era stand up!

    1. Chad Dundas says:

      Well, technically, I do say that every week so I can only assume Fowlkes’ T-shirt (which looked like it could have been vintage) was an homage to my work.

  18. Danny Leonard says:

    Ben has a new defense for these allegations.

    You’re boring man… Talk to my hand.

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