Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 196 (3/14/16)

comainPod-ALet’s be honest, CME Universe–ain’t shit going on this week. Sure, there’s UFC Fight Night 85 from Australia, with Frank Mir fighting … Mark Hunt, maybe? Dunno, let Ben and Chad check up on that and get get back to you. For the most part, though, a week this slow (at least until the Tuesday curse unfurls its claws and really digs in) calls for another fairly free form episode of the Co-Main Event Podcast. Grand Olde Episode 196 finds your dudes taking your questions–handily grouped according to subject, kind of–for the full hour and change. You know what? You motherfuckers asked some good questions, too. I mean, don’t get a big head over it or anything but, yeah, adequate work this week, you guys.

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