Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 106 (6/2/14)

comainPod-AReal talk, Universe? Sometimes Ben and Chad wish they could invent a suspended animation machine, that would freeze all MMA news from breaking between the time the Co-Main Event Podcast is recorded and when it comes out. That would’ve been handy to a small portion of episode 106, with the UFC now claiming that Jon Jones doesn’t even want to fight Alexander Gustafsson, but would rather test his skills next against Daniel Cormier. That pretty much renders moot a discussion from this week’s listener mail, but whatevs. They’re used to it by now.

In addition to that talk, the boys discuss the current bizarre status of the Chael Sonnen-Wanderlei Silva-Vitor Belfort love triangle, Stipe Miocic closing out 10 and a half hours of fights with a 35 second KO of Fabio Maldonado and this weekend’s UFC card in the ABQ.

Most of it is still relevant, they promise.

All that, plus the return of MasterTweet Theatre, AYFKM and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

Sounds: This week’s music submission comes from DJ John Douglas out of Edmonton Alberta, Canada. He describes his work as “downtempo, hip hopish electro sort of music” and if you like it and want to hear more, you can find it at or at

Direct downloaders can shirk their duties and watch cartoons, right here.

4 comments on Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 106 (6/2/14)

  1. jpalansky says:

    Wow, Rich “The Ace” Franklin becomes Vice President of One FC and becomes the iceberg lettuce in the Wandi/Chael/Vitor sandwich. You guys said nada about this story on last weeks show. I think this development has interesting implications on the UFC brand in Asia and our friend Ben Askren. Any thoughts?

  2. Brenden says:

    I think I give up on this show for now. You guys rehash the exact same discussion every single week after the initial news and tweet segments, and sometimes during those too. It’s pretty brutal.

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