Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 103 (5/12/14)

comainPod-AMatt Brown saved us all from what felt like the longest UFC card in history on Saturday night, and the Co-Main Event Podcast is grateful because of it. On episode 103, Ben and Chad talk about Brown’s comeback victory over Erick Silva, which was pretty rad by almost any measure. They also discuss Eddie Alvarez’s concussion and the crumbling of this weekend’s Bellator pay-per-view. Like a couple of Red Priests trying to read the future in the fire, they attempt to figure out just where in the hell Bjorn Rebney and his wacky band of Cirque du Soleil performers can go from here.

All that, plys AYFKM and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

Sounds: This week’s music comes to us from listener Santiago Mathews. If you like it, you can find his stuff right here.

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  1. Bollman says:

    Chuck with that look in his eye…

  2. Bellator should have reduced the price.Now they most willing hardcore MMA fan will not buy this card. Frankly i do not see this going over the 50000 buys. The market is already bad, Bellator hardly has any name recognition as a PPV selling company and nobody is paying top dollar for some weird pro wrestlingeqsue fight.

    I think this PPV is a benchmark to see how much pro wrestling fans are willing to support Bellator with their actual money more then anything else.

    • Yeah… this is gonna be a blood bath, they literally just lost the ONLY reason why anyone will want to order this card, Rampage is a has-been, “King” Mo looked awful in his fight with Newton which happened to be one of the dullest fights I’ve ever seen, Tito has a pile of trash for a neck, and who the hell is Shlemenko? The PPV won’t be more than a couple of thousands, frankly, I really don’t even understand why they are doing it! What’s really going on?

      • I was at Rock on the Range last Saturday in Columbus, OH and after Slayer performed I was walking back to meet some friends and I saw “our” friend Matt Brown and spoke to him briefly and he explained how Slayer was the cause and effect of his situation lol

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