Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 101 (4/28/14)

CME signEpisode 101 of the Co-Main Event Podcast sneaks in before Ben Fowlkes takes his family on a fabulous Florida vacation this week (must be nice, amirite?). Ben and Chad have more than enough to fill all three rounds, after Jon Jones sprinted past Glover Teixeira, Anthony Johnson reduced Phil Davis to ruin and Ronda Rousey said some weird stuff about Cris “Cyborg” Justino (only to be later backed up by even weirder stuff from her boss).

All that, plus AYFKM and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

Oh, the sign? Thought you’d never ask. Got that in the mail this week from listener Erik Aragon. Pretty great, right?

SOUNDS: This week’s music comes to us from Tomas Simon and his band The Old Faithful, of Valencia, Spain. If you like their tunes you can find them right here.

Direct downloaders can whisk their families away to Florida right here.

18 comments on Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 101 (4/28/14)

  1. jeef says:

    Love the show but I think you guys missed the boat a bit on this one.

    You praise Johnson, so obviously you think people deserve another chance after making a mistake. Doesn’t Phil fit in the same category. Can’t the man do something stupid? Do you have to put him through the meat grinder for just this 1 little thing?

    Irrational hate of Jones is silly of course but there’s grounds for legitimate criticism. He was warned twice for jabbing fingers in Teixera’s eyes. I don’t think pointing that out makes me hater. Jones is an exceptional fighter no doubt but he has some bits and bobs that he himself refers to as: ‘dirty’.

    Also I think Teixera deserves a little more respect. Is he a 1 dimensional slugger? He lasted 5 rounds with a guy who everybody is keen on calling the goat or the future goat. I don’t think Jones destroyed him at all, he was still standing and coherent at the end wasn’t he? Everybody would be cut from those elbows, that doesn’t mean anything right? Or if we measure skin damage than we’d have to go back and talk about Jones vs Alex again.

    1. Tade says:

      Come on man. Jones did destroy Glover. It wasn’t even close. He was standing and coherent but so was for example JDS after the second fight with Cain and you would call that destruction wouldn’t you? I don’t enjoy how is Jones outside of the cage and I don’t care too. I think its becoming pretty obvious that he is the best mixed martial artist. As far as human being goes, who cares? At least myself, I watch this for the stuff that happens inside the cage.

      1. jeef says:

        Really, this was destruction like Cain vs JDS? I guess I should see an optician.

        1. Tade says:

          My point was that the fact someone is standing and is coherent is no indicator of how the fight went, so don’t twist my words.

          1. clutchy_hopkins says:

            hahaha your words don’t have to be twisted to be totally wrong here…. JDS may have been standing but he was NOT coherent. definitely dominated him thoroughly though.

    2. BIG NATE says:

      I’m confused as to why are we expecting Jon to be such a likeable guy outside of the ring. I’m lost on this, so what he is a little bit presumptious, rightfully so he’s earned it. If you step inside a cage and people are gunning to beat you to a pulp and yet you stave them off….I’m sure you’d be a little bit arrogant. If you proved to be the baddest mofo on the planet over 8 times and your right to be arrogant should be approved. The problem with MMA is that it is too many keyboard warriors who couldnt fight they way out of a wet papersack and to see someone like Jon Jones come in and master it so perfectly it just drives you all up a wall….

      I feel sorry for you haters…really it must suck to be you…

  2. DB says:

    I wonder when mma commentators and fans will finally grow beyond the “if you didn’t like said fight, mma isn’t for you.” I rarely, if ever, hear that accusation in other sports when certain fans claim they don’t like the playing style of a team or player, or found a certain game to be boring. MMA culture still has a segment of elitism that hopefully dies out before the decade is over. A better statement would have been “then maybe you shouldn’t watch Jon Jones fight.”

    Besides, Rampage Jackson, Jose Aldo and Pedro Rizzo have expressed they don’t approve of some of Jones’ techniques. Please, tell them in person that mma isn’t for them, and record it so we can all watch.

    1. Jeef says:

      Well said!

  3. Roman from Berlin says:

    I guess Jones went with the CMEs rule, that you mos def SHOULD cheat. I can imagine that his thought was something to the extend
    ‘I’m gonna put my hand in the middle of his face and when the ref has seen enough of it, it’s gonna be the top of his dome, more slippery but still viable’
    And I don’t say that because I think it fits Jones “villain” character, its just a smart thing to do and Bones is a smart guy.

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