Behold, the Grand Prize … (Updated)

UPDATE: OK, two things: A) It turns out our mysterious Anderson Silva painting is the work of podcast listener and professional artist Marco Bucci, which was an awesome surprise. B) It turns out Marco Bucci actually totally rules at art. Like, he’s really, really talented. Check out his work at his personal website. It kind of blew us away.

You see now why your faithful co-hosts couldn’t do it justice with mere words, yes?

Discovered hidden in a forgotten corner of Ben’s and Chad’s “personal collections,” the origin of this MMA-related artifact may well be puzzled over by critics and theorists for generations. After some careful analysis, the CME’s crack staff of research scientists can say with almost 85 percent certainty that what you see here was created as a flattering portrait of UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, albeit one with some noticeable, uh, impressionistic qualities. As for how it fell into the hands of the CME rather than finding its way to its rightful home on the wall of Silva’s Curitiba villa, no one can say for sure.

Ben suggests it might’ve involved a train robbery. Chad proposes perhaps a drunken late night poker game was to blame. The truth may be somewhere in between, or it may be something else entirely. Who’s to say, really? The point is, once the guys laid eyes on it, they knew they had no choice but to pass it on to you, dear listener.

So, best essay gets it. And probably some other stuff, too. You have seven days. Get writing.

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