And the Finalists for the CME Music Contest are …

Update: Voting is now closed for the CME’s first music contest. Thanks loads to all those who entered. Winners and particulars will be announced on next week’s show.

You bastards never cease to amaze us, you know that? We have no choice but to consider the first ever CME music contest a smashing success after you guys clogged our inbox with entries during the past few weeks. Bravo to everyone who competed, as we got some really stunning submissions in multiple genres showcasing varying levels of sophistication, style and brawlability. From those original volleys emerge these five finalists, which were among the dopest we received. Take a minute, listen to the tunes and then vote in the poll below. The winner will become the CME’s new theme music for a length of time to be determined. Seriously though, nice job, team. You all kicked ass.

Now, everybody in. CME on three, ready? 1-2-3. CME!

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  1. AYFKM? 4 songs that sound exactly like the crap you already use and a pop punk song?

  2. My vote was for No.1 but No.3 is pretty good too!

  3. Matt Damon says:

    This shit is rigged.

  4. None better than the current intro IMO, but then again I didn’t like it when they started fucking with the music in between rounds either, and that eventually grew on me. Between 1 and 3 for me… went with 3.

    • My sentiment exactly, I really miss the old music in between rounds as well, oh well…

    • chad’s simple beats where the best, especially that intro one….start smiling every time i hear it.

      • Yeah, I’ve really come to love the current intro. And, like you say, my spirits lift whenever I hear it. I usually save the CME for my return commute and it never fails to put me in a good mood.

      • I agree. Do not feel this is an improvement. Hopefully they give the new stuff a dutiful little run and then bring back Coke Classic.

  5. How do you cast your vote? am i a moron or something?

  6. When I first got here it just showed the results, not the poll options. After submitting my comment, I could vote.

    I blame Sir Nigel.

  7. Danny Boy Downes says:

    I understand the justified anger at the finalists. What we should be outraged about, though, is that the alleged Ben FOWLkes still hasn’t apologized for his offensive misogyny. While many have given hope, the music contest affords us the perfect opportunity to demand change. I call on all CME listeners to boycott the voting process. With such low turnout, it will render the process null and void. Then, properly shamed and embarrassed, the alleged Mr. FOWLkes will be forced to answer for his crimes.

    Will it be easy? Actually….yeah it will be. I mean, you literally have to do nothing. Will it be effective? Perhaps. Much like Bashar al-Asssad, (you know who) clearly expresses sociopathic tendencies coupled with rage and control issues which may make any attempts to reach him futile. Beating that in mind, remember the words of the great poet Vergil, “Audaces fortuna iuvat”

    Yours in truth,

    Danny Boy Downes

    • The more pressing matter at hand here is 1) Some proof of Sir Nigel’s existence, 2) Extending the podcast length to 2 hours per week perhaps…

      • 1) Sir Nigel exists and it’s not Chad. I believe I can prove this. Also…you can hear that Chad has wheeled away from the table/mic when Sir Nigel does #MTT

        2) Solemn vow #3 is “This shit only gonna be an hour.”

        Sorry Hank. Those bastards just leave us wanting more.

        • 1) That’s what I’ve been noticing as well, but I would still like a more solid proof nonetheless…

          2) I think it’s laziness more than anything else, but I am hoping with more aggressive listener demands, they might consider revising their Solemn vows in time.

          3) Does anyone have any idea what in the world Danny Boy Downes has been going on complaining about the last couple of weeks?

          • i love that the podcast is never over 70 mins. Its the perfect length. Who has time to listen to a 3 hour marathon every week? not this cat!

          • That a kid.

          • Danny Boy Downes says:

            Just trying to fight the war against ignorance Hank. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Today the CME, tomorrow…probably a show with a lot more listeners.

          • Joakim Kalantari says:

            Come on people! I’m not a grammar Nazi, but I am a traditionalist. Go back to CME 1 and listen to that solemn vow once more. If you’re not convinced, in the words of 30th US President Calvin Coolidge, come see me!

        • Joakim Kalantari says:

          I would like to correct you on a fact: the proverbial shit is only gonna be “a hour” not “an hour”

          • Get out of here you grammar nazi! There is no room here for intolerance!

          • Matt Damon says:

            “An hour” is proper grammar, try again.

          • That’s what I thought too! At least that’s how we sound it out…

          • Dmitri Kalmar says:

            “A hour?” Weeee, that made my day!

            If you’re gonna step in out of nowhere just to patronize someone you don’t know with a grammar correction, it helps to be grammatically correct. Oh wait: that should have been “if your gonna”.

            Fun fact: it’s always “an” before an H, because an H is not a consonant. Such as “an history”. But in modern American usage, we only use “an” if the H is silent, such as in “hour”, and the the hard H (e.g. “history” or “hard”) is considered to be like a consonant.

            Now THAT was a grammar nazi. Go ahead and flame me for it, I don’t mind πŸ™‚

    • a show with more listeners than the CME? Pff, nonsense…

  8. voted track 4!

    • Hey, you are not supposed to vote on your own submission…

    • Track #4 is awesome but given how the votes are working out I feel we have to vote tactically for #1 so that earbleee #2 doesnt end up annoying us on a weekly basis.

  9. OMG! Just checked the latest result, how in the world is No. 2 leading the chart! Guys, this is not a joke!

    • Matt Damon says:

      O yea? Which one is yours?

      • I was torn between 1 and 3, finally went with 1. But seriously guys, don’t fuck around, we are gonna end up hearing this theme song over and over again week in and week out, and given Chad’s laziness, this shit ain’t gonna get changed anytime soon once it’s voted into the office…

        • Matt Damon says:

          No, I’m asking which song is yours..

          • LOL, I see what you did there. I am among the very few non-musical CME listeners actually, and you must be the contributor of song No. 2…

        • Laziness?

          • Hey Chad! great episode once again this week big guy! One hour a week is just not quite enough, if you guys are absolutely sticking to the Solemn Vows, maybe you can find some kindness in your heart to throw us a bonus episode every once in a while? And you think you guys will ever unveil all the mysteries surrounding Sir Nigel at some point? Thanks, big fan!

          • Few things:

            1. Thanks, we appreciate it.

            2. While we consider it a great compliment that you guys apparently want to listen to us talk MORE (which frankly seems inconceivable) about fighting, unfortunately, one hour a week is all we have time for right now. Maybe someday our lives will allow for more, but for the foreseeable future this is all there is.

            3. If it were up to me, we’d just let Sir Nigel be Sir Nigel, but for those of you intrepid listeners who must know the “truth” about the World’s Leading Theatricalist, well, it’s out there.

          • I NEED to know! All this mystery is killing me! First is Lost, and now Sir Nigel?! Is the government behind this?

        • Matt Damon says:


    • Yeah, #2 is horribly discordant and the synchopation seems off. If that “song” wins I’ll either hae to stop listening to the CAe (a pity) or jailbreak my iPod so I can set it to automatically skip the first 20 seconds…

      • Empty threats will not work on these people, stop listening to the CME? Pff! Like anyone is gonna believe that…

      • Dmitri Kalmar says:

        To be fair to the composer: the syncopation is not “off”. Those are triplets, they are definitely deliberate (and 100% quantized), and for my part I think they’re the most interesting part of that little ditty, though they make it harder to bob your head (I’m a huge fan of bobbing my head). I’m just saying, they weren’t a mistake.

        • Nah, I get the triplets. They are the only thing that sound quantized – it’s the rest of the “song” that is off… πŸ˜‰

  10. No.2 makes me feel like I’m about to play Final Fight.

  11. jjfrancis says:

    #2 being in the lead seems weird to me. Are people other than CME listeners voting on this?

  12. Voted for number 5, just because i LOLed.

  13. jjfrancis says:

    If Sir Nigel becomes big enough, Ariel Helwani will interview him. That dude will interview anybody.

  14. Ben Fowlkes says:

    I was torn between #1 and #4. So which way did I vote? I don’t have to tell you that.

  15. Strong Dick says:

    These are all terrible. Please stick with the current music.

  16. These finalists are okay, but it could be better. How about Sir Nigel singing the theme song to “Frasier” as Michael Bisping? That seems like a winner to me.

  17. Templeton Peck says:

    Sir Nigel Longstock is clearly Michael Bisping. The poor imitation is merely to throw us off the scent, and the Mancunian accent he uses in fight promos to scare the opposition.

  18. If I only have to listen to it once or twice, I would vote song 4. If I have to hear it 50 times over the next year, then song 1 is the best….. so I voted for song ONE!!!

  19. DonnyDL says:

    I couldn’t get the player to work on my computer, so I’m voting for silence.

  20. I dug no.2. Got some strange, edge, and groove. Some of us dance, sing, and shout. It’s all working for me.

  21. The way the poll is set up is confusing, the buttons should be below the text, not above it. Elderly CME listeners are being disenfranchised.

  22. How many of you CME listeners would have liked some metal as an option?

  23. When does voting end?

  24. Dear Ben and Chad,

    – 4 out 5 of these are computer bloops and beeps. You didn’t want to present a variety of genres to be voted on? You’ve already had electro boops as the music since the beginning.

    – Rule #2 was ” It must be short.” All 5 of these ignored your request to be 15 seconds by a long shot. You didn’t want to include any that were around 15 seconds? (And someone thought we’d want a 45 second intro every week?)

    – Ben you said you preferred stuff that was clearly written for the CME (as is #4), but 4 out of 5 of these sound like they were probably previously written and then repurposed for the CME (which doesn’t bother me, personally).

    Hugs and kisses,
    – Confused

  25. Those five intros are terrible in comparison to the current intro music!

    I vote for none of them…

  26. The Dundas-Fowlkes Law: If it ain’t broke, break the sh*t out of it with a user submission song contest >:(

  27. The current CME theme song blows all of these out of the water. Don’t change it.

  28. Number 5 wins in my heart, but Number 1 wins in the brain. No doubter, didn’t even need Fowlkes to lobby for it.

  29. Astroboy3000 says:

    goddamn…. you sorry sonsabitches do nothing but complain and talk shit. look, it’s too bad your submission didn’t make, but if The Highlander taught us anything it’s that “there can be only one”.

  30. SuperstarPecanbar says:

    I shall not tolerate anything higher than the nr 1. Peace! πŸ™‚

  31. #4 is by far the best! Please dont let that bullshit #2 win!

  32. Well done to the all of the finalists, but lets not kid ourselves here folks (Fowlkes?), it’s all about #1.

  33. Oh thank god! #1 is back on top! Don’t screw this up folks!

  34. Astroboy3000 says:

    Well, I like them all for different reasons. Everyone who has their submission up their in the voting I say good work.

    • That’s nice of you, aren’t you politically correct…

      • Astroboy3000 says:

        Not politically correct at all. A lot of people spent a lot of time and effort on their submissions. I myself play music and enjoy a wide variety of music, so I can appreciate all of them for what they are. I just don’t see the need to talk shit about someone’s artistic endeavors. We’re all MMA fans and CME fans, we are a subculture of a subculture. We should be friendly and encouraging of one another. I think we all know that once the zombie apocalypse hits the only survivors will be a ragtag group of CME listeners lead by Chad & Ben because, quite frankly, we nasty. That said, good luck to all the 5 finalists.

  35. Keyser Soze says:

    I agree with some of the people above, dont freaking change it. This is seriously a lack of options. Didn’t enjoy any of these entries and I’m being truthful dammit. Have a resubmission and bring new talent or this is gonna suck!

  36. Damn you guys! #2 is on the top of the chart again!

  37. Brock Lesnar's Tattoo says:

    I get the feeling that #2 is running a social media campaign, instead of just letting faithful CME listeners pick their favorite (or respectfully abstain). I hope I’m wrong, but I guess that’s how internet voting goes.

    • You think so? (adjusting my tin-foil hat) Huh, Interesting theory…

    • I’ve got like 40 friends on FB so there goes that theory πŸ˜‰

      I’m sorry some of you don’t like the “bleeps and bloops.” Everyone has different taste, that’s why there’s a vote. I like all of them in different ways, they could all work. I’m not used to dealing to Internet hate so maybe this reply is a bad idea, but I just appreciate the opportunity to contribute to my favorite podcast.

      • I knew it!! (adjusting my tin-foil hat in a much more confident fashion) TJ Grant didn’t really get a concussion from a BJJ practice either, did he? And god damn it, who is really Sir Nigel?!

      • Dmitri Kalmar says:

        I didn’t say I don’t like bleeps and bloops, I’ve been composing electronic music since the 80s (an Amiga). My point was about a lack of variety in the options. #2 is actually damn cool, it’s the only one that sounds inspired to me. It’s nasty, yo. Nice job.

        My point was, if there are so many musicians submitting music, why are 4 out of 5 of these from the genre of “one dude sitting at his laptop”? Especially since that’s been the type of music on the show from day one. If we’re going to vote on 5 things, why can’t we vote on 5 things that are more different than this?

        I submitted metal from a live 4-man band, which plays live gigs regularly in NYC and surrounding area. Live music is a dying art with “DJs” replacing live music everywhere. I’ve played many clubs that are either gone now (e.g. CBGB), or are DJ-only now (e.g. The Continental, Mama Kin’s).

        Metal riffs and MMA have always gone hand in hand. Head banging and pumping iron and beer and fights, that’s guy stuff, what’s with all the electronic music.

        • I can feel that. I was going to also submit a snippet from my grindcore project (still just one dude at a laptop, but add in a guitar, bass, mic, and electronic drum kit) but didn’t get to it in time.

          I actually don’t compose much electronic music myself, this just kinda came out when I sat down to make an intro specifically for the show. 60% of the time some kind of metal and the other 40% orchestral/chamber works. Do you have a link to some of your tunes?

          • Dmitri Kalmar says:

            Thanks fer askin! Driven Mad is here:

            They were kind enough to use our music on the most recent episode, July 23rd. They chose two very speed metal moments, but I submitted slower groovier stuff as well for the contest.

            I sent 8 different submissions, with 10 additional variations as well.

            Got a link for your grindcore?

  38. Michael says:

    Do we know who did entry 4?

  39. It’s a close one but I ended up going with number 3. It’s enebreated styling properly matches what I am certain is the state of our fine hosts when they talk into two cans tied together by string and than use some sort of black magic to digitize it.

    If not 3 it should be 4 dude has the mad referntial lyrics.

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