Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 202 (4/25/16)

Well, last week’s Co-Main Event Podcast got bombed out of relevance fairly quickly by The Irish Gentleman Conor McGregor, eh, Universe? The paint was barely dry on the shingle offering CME No. 201 for … [Read More...]


Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 201 (4/18/16)

The Co-Main Event Podcast is aware of a situation involving Episode 201 and a local business establishment--and that situation is that the episode is out and it’s fucking awesome. On this week’s show, … [Read More...]

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Read Suzanne Davis’ Mind-Bending MasterTweet Theatre Stats

Longtime Friend of the Podcast Suzanne Davis (aka the Big Homie SoozieCuzie, aka the self-proclaimed MMA Journalist of the Year 2016) commemorated CME episode 200 by compiling some stats about … [Read More...]


Buy Your Official CME ‘DUNDASSO’ T-shirt Now

We're not going to mince words here. We know you want to buy a Dundasso T-shirt. You can do that right here. The design will only be available for 14 days, so don't delay. Shout out to Portland, … [Read More...]


Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 200 (4/11/16)

Like UFC 200 itself, perhaps Co-Main Event Podcast No. 200 doesn’t feel like quite as a big a deal as CME No. 100, but it’s still pretty goddamn great. For starters, Ben and Chad kick off the show by … [Read More...]


Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 199 (4/4/16)

Plenty to talk about on this week’s Co-Main Event Podcast. Your guys Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier took care of that. It was a pretty shitty week for the UFC 197 main event all the way around. First, … [Read More...]